The Cupcake Challenge: Cupcake Numero Uno

hahaha = Last nights epic dinner fail.
I tried two new recipes on Pinterest. My gosh they turned out horrible in my opinion. Husband ate every bite and swore it was still good. Isn't he the sweetest?

I was pretty darn frustrated that my dinner was a flop. Determined to make up for it, I made cupcakes.

I found this PIN on pinterest a few weeks back. I really want to enhance my baking skills. I do alright cooking wise, ignoring last nights failure. But, baking isn't my strong suit. Somehow, I always manage to over cook cakes or desserts. Baking is my kryptonite. (fun fact, I just googled "superman's weakness" to check out how to spell kryptonite.HA!)

So, in order to push myself a little I'm doing:

Yep, 31 flavors of cupcakes. I'm going to master them all. No, I will not be making one a day. The recipe makes about 20 cupcakes. If I made a new one everyday, husband and I might die of cupcake overdose. I'm thinking 2 or 3 a month. Extra bonus, I'm going to send the leftovers to friends and family. My popularity should grow leaps and bounds:)

Last night, I made the first one. Husband picked Sour Cream Raspberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. (we aren't going in order, instead, we are going by what sounds the best at the moment, which is a much better way to go about it, right?)

They turned out kind of amazing. Okay, really amazing. Like it's 11 in the morning now, and I may or may not be munching down on one as I type. So so so good!

Here's the recipe:

I stirred my raspberries in a little more so that they really mushed down, and the batter turned purple. So much more fun!

Want to join in the challenge? Email me (katie dot kubler at yahoo dot com) I'll email you a few days before I make the next one, you can email me your images of how your cupcakes turned out (and if you did anything different to the recipe), and I'll include them in my post!) Don't feel like you have to do every cupcake like me, if you miss one or don't like one... that's okay:)

We can better the world through cupcakes together:) Happy Baking!


Jessica said...

I hate when a new recipe turns out bad. It's so frustrating- especially when it gets rave reviews on Pintrest. Those cupcakes look amazing. And now I'm craving one.

Rachel said...

This is such a cute idea, and they look so yummy!

Rachel said...

I LOVE this idea...love cupcakes. And this one looks incredible!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks yummy!

Valerie Griffin said...

can i come over?! ;) best idea EVER!!!

Whitney said...

I agree with Valerie, can I come over?? hahaha But in all seriousness, I can't wait to bake these! (I'm more of a baker than a cook...Lord, my poor, poor husband. ha)

thompson said...

what a fun idea! whenever i see a really delicious recipe on pinterest i always wonder if it is really going to turn out good...! i might have to give these cupcakes a try now that they are validated :)

Emily C said...

ummm those look sooo good! i will now crave a cupcake all day.

Anna D Kart said...

Just made these and lemme tell ya, they are delicious!

thanks for the recipe
can't wait to try another one