Awkward and Awesome Thursday

This was an idea started originally by Syd at the Daybook. Then saw it resurface over at LIY. Today, I thought I would participate because they are always just too funny and make the blogger seem a little more real. If you know what I mean.

AWKWARD: waking up C this morning. Grabbing his little bum. Hand immediately soaked. Yep, he peed all in the bed. Even worse, we have no diapers left.
AWESOME: C. period. 

AWKWARD: C peed and threw up all over our bed the other day. I just remembered this morning. Never changed the sheets. #gross
AWESOME: Husband is letting C and I join him on all the errands he has to run today for work. So pumped to just run errands.

AWKWARD: was going to run cupcakes to a blogger friend turned real life friend who lives 2 minutes away... Yes, Nicole, I'm talking about you:). Got to her house... forgot the cupcakes. cool.
AWESOME: I ate the cupcakes. so delicious. 
AWKWARD: I just thought I was spelling awkward wrong, so I googled it.
AWESOME: I was right in my spelling
AWKWARD: I bought the most ugliest curtains for our room because husband wanted blackout curtains. turns out, they make roller shade blackout curtains. sooo... I have ugly curtains for nothing. And blew $40 bucks. coolrealcool
AWESOME: We have a dog trainer coming to help us train Finn tomorrow. and all the frustrated dog owners say AMEN!


Rachel said...

You're totally right, C IS awesome. I think that was my favorite one :) And I had no idea they make blackout roller shades. Gonna have to go find me some of those. Where do they sell them???

I think I'm going to have to take a little road trip soon and come visit you and Nicole. I am, after all, only an hour away!

Nicole said...

You almost brought me cupcakes?! Make me cry! I'm so ready to hang out with you and C again!

Kasey Lynne said...

All of these photos are hilarious and pretty.
Oh man..I can't wait to be a mom ;D
And cupcakes? You are so sweet!