If you're just now joining along, I'm putting myself through a cupcake challenge. 31 flavors of cupcakes. I'm not a baker. So, this is my attempt to improve my skills. So far, so good. The second cupcake I chose was the Caramel Apple Cider.
Helpful hint: put apples in a bowl of Sprite. The Sprite keeps the apples crisp and from turning brown while sitting out:)
 Yes, this is the best invention ever. Thanks to my MIL it made dicing the apples SOO much easier!
 TADA: To me, these were way better than the Raspberry. Husband, however, completely disagrees. Either way, they were delicious. (note: please ignore my dusty piano. The thing catches dust like none other and who has time for cleaning when you got cupcakes to make. amen!)

Here's a screen shot of the recipe. Just visit this PIN to get it yourself. 

The homemade caramel on this bad boy was out of this world. My gosh. delish. Several of you emailed and told me you're joining in! I'd love to see your pics... Here are two ladies who sent me theirs!

Valeries Cupcakes turned out great!

Cayce's were a hit at her churches college group!

The next cupcake I'll be making is the Red Velvet in honor of Valentines. Visit the pin if you want to join along. Send me a picture of you and the cupcakes and I'll share it here! I'll be posting about that cupcake a few days after Valentines day! Happy Baking!

Cupcake Challenge:


Valerie Griffin said...

oh these were SO good. best cupcakes I've ever made! can't wait for the red velvet!

Alisa Marie said...

Oh my gosh - these look so delicious! My husband would go crazy for these! Good recommendation about putting apples in sprite to keep them from browning, I had no idea!

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