Happy Vday from a giggly little boy and his pup.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from this sweet little boy and his pup:)

We will be spending the day  mostly inside lounging on the bed, breathing in the humidifier thanks to a nasty ole cough we all three have. Worst thing ever as a Mom is one little boy down with the coughs and nothing can be done for him. Infant Vicks is my new best friend. That and the humidifier. We are now the best of pals.

If the video above didn't make you smile, you've got issues here is another good one.

Maybe I can get out for a bit and deliver some Red Velvet cupcakes to friends and family that I made last night for my lover. Or maybe I'll just stay in and eat them all myself. Already had one for breakfast. delish.
Besides today being Valentines, it's also my parents anniversary. That's right folks, they got married on Vday. Those romantics. Here's to 32 years you guys. I literally could not ask for better parents. They are some the Godliest people I know. They've done an incredible job at being parents. Their marriage is far from perfect (no ones is), but it's one I aspire to have. 32 years of putting Jesus first, relying on His grace, and seeking to know Him more. 32 years of putting us 8 kids before themselves, leading us to Jesus, and being there for us. It blows my mind how they have kept their faith in the Lord so strong despite some very real and harsh circumstances they've faced these 32 years. Their faith and marriage is quite the legacy to leave us kids.

Thanks mom and dad for all you've done for my sweet family of three. For always loving me, rebuking me, and pointing me to Jesus even when I didn't want to be. Thank you for being incredible role models and working so hard for our family. I love you both TREMENDOUSLY and pray for you both everyday.  So thankful.

finally. happy vday babe. You rock my world. I'm jealous of the cupcakes I made you. They are getting more action than I am. Dumb sickness. (too much info? probably. but I don't care, I miss my  man)


Jessica said...

Oh my...sweet baby laughs just make me melt. Happy Hearts Day to you and yours!

Valerie Griffin said...

his laugh! sooo adorable!