If you had come over for coffee this weekend...

...I would have shared all about my nieces birthday party. She is just about the most precious little girl alive. I know you probably think your niece is cuter... but you'd be wrong. Her party was princess all the way!

 me and the birthday girl:)
 my sister and the bday girl
 my mom
 and the birthday girl and her momma

If we had met up for coffee this weekend, you would have thought "oh dear, she needs sleep"  once you saw me. Sunday, C wasn't feeling up to par. We missed out on one of my lovelies wedding showers. boo. Thankfully, C got some much needed rest. I did not. BUT, We did make it to our community groups super bowl party!
 If we had met for coffee this weekend, I would have asked you to our super bowl party. You also would have met C's girlfriend, Grace. Such young love. They've already learned how to make up after fights. Bless my soul this picture makes me weak in the knees. LOVE babies.
If you came, you would have eaten these. Yes, I'm showing you a picture of chicken wings because they are the most amazing thing I've ever eaten. PTL for chicken wings!

You also would have met C's second momma. I swear, the kid may have a complex when he gets older over who is his momma. So thankful for a bestie that loves my baby. C adores her. 
 Last but not least, you would have tasted my cupcakes (from my CUPCAKE CHALLENGE) that I made for the party (i'll be posting the new recipe this week). They were a huge hit. This guy at three.

it was a lovely weekend spent with all my favorite people. Thanks for "having" coffee with me.


Brittany said...

There are some stinking adorable kiddos in this post!

katie ridings said...

awww!! that picture of the two little ones together, so incredibly precious.

Valerie Griffin said...

so many cute kiddos!

Whitney said...

How precious are those babies?!? Can't wait to see the recipe from the cupcake challenge :)