It's that time again... CUPCAKES

This cupcake was Red Velvet, and I made it in honor of Vday. Appropriate right? My kitchen looked like I had bleed everywhere by the time these bad boys were in the oven.

Maybe I shouldn't mix talk of blood and cupcakes together in the same blog post. My sister, Linny, is probably dead after reading those sentences. Blood Lindsay, bloooood!!:)

 I decided I might put food coloring in all the cupcakes. So much more fun right.

I'll be totally honest, I kinda overcooked these. I didn't hear the timer go off due to whipping up the icing and C laughing his little head off a Finn. However, by the next day, the icing had softened the top layer that had been a little over cooked and all was well. Oh icing, you saved the day. Don't you always.

Red Velvet is one of my least favorite flavors... but for realz these little puppies changed my mind.

Thanks to all the ladies who joined in the fun! So glad they turned out delish for you too!

Here's the LINK to the cupcakes so you can get the recipe
... Next cupcake I'll be doing is the :


Already conqured:

Caramel Apple Cider Cupcakes
Sour Cream Raspberry Cupcakes

Thanks for all the comments, emails, twitter shoutouts, etc wishing Canaan a get well better soon! We went to the doc yesterday and he had the beginning signs of a double ear infection and pretty bad cold/cough. They put him on some antibiotics and hopefully the cough will run it's course soon! I was so touched by all of the love sent his way. Blogger friends are the best:)


Jessica said...

Holy cupcake! Red velvets are my fav!

Valerie Griffin said...

mmmm i really loved these!

VERY excited about the banana cupcakes! I LOVE bananas!

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

That cupcake looks SO delish! Buuut, the next one you're doing-- banana maple WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?! My mind is blown by how delicious THAT ONE sounds!
So glad baby boy is workin it out!