oh hershey, you get me.

Husband and I are sick as dogs. We have some kind of virus and are pumping in meds like they are candy (no worries mom, we aren't addicts). C has it too, so its off to the doctor for him on Monday. Boo. Having a baby who is sick is just about the worst thing ever.

Husband bought me these below for Vday. I've already eaten most the bag. I can't help myself with cookies n cream. It's my heroine. Gosh, this post has lots of talk about drugs. Promise I don't abuse.

In the meantime, you should go check out THIS BLOG. One of the pastors at our Church is leaving to plant another church. We couldn't be more excited for what God is doing through this awesome couple. I'm so thankful for their love for the Lord, His word, and the lost. Anyways, he started a blog that I've really loved reading it so far! Check it out and leave him some comments! Also, follow the blog. You won't regret it:) Oh, and this is his wife Brittany, their little girl was born the same day as C. Future daughter-in-law I hope:)

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to drown myself in ramen noodles, hershey's kisses, and a Harry Potter marathon. Happy weekend y'all. Stay healthy!


Valerie Griffin said...

an HP marathon sounds awesome! Harry always makes me feel better :)

feel better, friend!

Whitney said...

being sick is the pits..but being sick with a sick little one, bless you girl! get to feeling better :)