really, during my nap time?

I had a really long post written about what the Lord taught me during this nap session earlier this week with my boys. How He called out to me in our quiet, dark bedroom and convicted my socks off. In the moment, I thought "really Jesus, right now you want to refine me, I'm trying to nap. Don't you see them two napping. This is my 30 minutes of quiet...". Haha, He didn't care.

I was going to share all about it and hopefully encourage someone out there who might have been facing the same struggle, but then Jesus told me no. To delete it, to keep it myself, and to simply lift others up in prayer.

So instead, I urge you to get alone in the a quiet place. Just you and Jesus, and wait to hear what He has to say to you. Ask him to reveal areas of yourself that don't reflect him, ask him to search and know your heart, ask him to forgive you of your sins, ask him to make you more like Jesus, ask him to be your Joy.

I promise in that moment, He will speak to you. Something will immediately come to your mind that shows no reflection of Christ in your life. Maybe it's a decision you made or maybe it's a personality trait or maybe it's a flaw in your character (or maybe you don't even know Jesus, email me, I'll fill you all in:) ). Something about being human makes us never want to know our own downfalls. We like to think we are perfect and right all the time or that it's everyone else with the issues, not us. Oh, how we couldn't be more wrong.

You have issues my friends. We all know I have issues. Just give them to Jesus in a quiet, dark room, and wait for Him to answer. He will. It's His desire for us to be more like Christ and to know Him.


So I wrote all of the above yesterday early in the morning while C was taking his morning nap. As the day progressed, I just really struggled with my own sin nature and the sin nature of others around me. I was heavily burdened. Then a friend sent me a quick FB message before dinner it read:

"Something the Lord has been teaching me lately is that my salvation is purely for his glory only! To keep it for myself is idolatry because I'm being selfish and only worshiping my needs instead of realizing what the Lord wants to use me for and submitting to his will, not mine. He created us for himself and to do anything else is to go against him! Its so cool and humbling to realize that God saved me so that my life can be a light to the world...i mean thats so crazy that he would choose to display himself through our lives!!! I am so unworthy...Our Lord is SOOOO good to us (understatement of eternity)!!!!" - Cooper

Makes me laugh sometimes how spot on the Lord is. He knew more than anything yesterday I needed to be reminded AGAIN that he alone is to be my Joy. You would think the Lord would get real sick and tired of teaching me the same thing over and over again when I quickly forget. Yes Coop, we are so unworthy. Amen!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I'm going to try to fit in some naps:)


Valerie Griffin said...

very true. great post!

Mrs. Osmond said...

Wow. Great great pos t. I actually had that moment last night when I realized how much the savior needs me. Thanks for bring a light and writin it.
Also thanks for omen ting on my blog. I answered your question in the comment section just FYI :)


Nicole said...

So, so rich. So thankful for you.