The best thing to happen to our dog besides Pupperoni.

So if you read yesterdays awkward post, I excitedly announced that we had a dog trainer coming out to show us a few things for our pup, Finn.

We got Finn when we first bought our house and fell head over heels for this pup. Can you say spoiled? If so, good job. You can speak basic English, but that's besides the point. Finn was spoiled y'all. I mean, I even have a small wall dedicated to this guy... a little much? probably. okay, yes it is. You can read more about Finn here, here, here, and here. Go ahead and read those posts, a few of them just melt my doggy loving heart.

So little boy, C, arrived in October and Finn became the spawn of Satan. Well not really, but pretty darn close. He jumped constantly, barked at us for everything, ruined all of the screens on our windows, and was always wanting to be on top of us. For 5 long months, we threatened to find a new home for this guy. Fixing Finn didn't seem to be an option or possible. However, thanks to our glorious government (don't worry you political peeps, that was joke) and our tax return - Enter Protrain Memphis.

They came today for our first in home private lesson. Y'all, I. love. them. Everything they talked about made complete sense as to how a dog operates. Finn was so eager to learn and LOVED Bryan's treats. He asked if I could pick some up asap, Finn that is. That pup knows his cuisine.

After Bryan and his sweet wife, Kira, left, Finn held his down for over 15 mins. Yes, it was probably some of beginners luck showing it's glorious little face, but if you know Finn, you know staying down at all is a major accomplishment. Get that pup a bone!

We are so excited about this little venture with Finn. Thank you Protrain Memphis! We are so excited for a next few sessions. If you live in the Memphis area or surrounding. Give these guys a call stat. I'm not even kidding. Do. it. now. Or Check out their website. They offer so many different options of training. I know one will fit your needs.

*this is not a sponsored post. We just really love them, okay.


Jessica said...

I just wrote a post about my pups today. So I totally sympathize with your doggy-loving heart. We used a trainer with our pups too and then we got lazy. They definitely need some refreshers, but for the most part I just love them to pieces.

Patrick and Ashley said...

Hey Kate! I have been reading along on your blog since you did the guest post on adoption on Allison Barker's blog a while back. Let's just say...I think that we could be friends. :) :) Our dog, Dora, was the light of our lives until our bundle of joy arrived. Funny how things change, right? Glad that you are happy with your training session. Our dog didn't do anything too crazy when our girl came home, but she just wasn't the apple of our eyes, as she used to be. Our daughter's name is Kate :); she was welcomed into our family via adoption. We LOVE her and are oh so thankful for adoption. We are also foster parents. I blogged this week about our foster son who is being adopted by my parents on Monday. Yes, indeed! I am now going to be his sister! God is so good! Just wanted to say hello, and when you guys decide to go through the adoption process, let me know if you need anything. I look forward to continuing to read your posts and see pictures of your precious little fella!

Valerie Griffin said...

yay for Finn!

& I'm loving the new blog layout! looks great!

Valerie Griffin said...

yay for Finn!

& I'm loving the new blog layout! looks great!

Bethany said...

My husband and I have two VERY spoiled pups and a baby on the way. The dogs are well behaved but I am worried that they will turn into monsters when the baby comes. Plus I have absolutely no idea how to prepare them for their drastic life change. Too bad we don't live anywhere close to Memphis or I would definitely be calling up your trainers!