the nastiest tasting food. ever.

Today was C's first attempt at eating Rice Cereal. I plan to let him have it every other day or so for a little while. After going to the peds doctor this week, he said it would be okay to introduce him to it now. Husband was gone to work, so, of course, I videoed it so he could watch later. He cracked me up. Overall, he really enjoyed it. Not sure how, that stuff is the worst.

Cuteness commence:

Here's a video of it happening. Please ignore my awful baby voice. Yes, I do carry on a conversation with myself as if C is talking. If you're not a parent, one day, you'll understand.

can't BELIEVE he is old enough for this. depressing.

whoop whoop for two posts in one day. I just couldn't wait to post this cuteness.


The Missus said...

So cute! I talk as though Neva were having a conversation with me too ;)

Jessica said...

Oh my- those beautiful blue eyes!

katie ridings said...

matthew HATED rice cereal with a buring passion lol. i gave him bananas so he could learn with the spoon :) What a sweetie!! it looks like he is enjoying it thats for sure!!

Valerie Griffin said...

oh i love this!