the weekend. best. one. yet.

okay, so I lied about it being the best one yet. I thought maybe if I said it out loud, it really would have happened. Turns out, that doesn't work. go figure.

I have not left my house in seriously 13 days y'all (except for a run to the doctors office and I didn't even put on make up so that doesn't count... right?)13 days. Needless to day, a doctor run for Canaan today is going to be the highlight of my weekend. I'm even going to put on make up this time, fix my hair, and maybe run to Target after because I'm having serious withdraws. BIG plans, I know!

Kiss your healthy babies. If you don't have babies, you should probably get on that, because for realz they are the best thing ever. sick or not.


Day By Day said...

I hope Canaan starts feeling better soon! And I hope you got your Target fix today :)

Like an infinite fall said...

I hope Canaan will be better soon :)

Have a nice day!

Valerie Griffin said...

poor c! feel better!