why do we do this to ourselves???

Today was our monthly moms ignore babies and do crafts playdate. There are usually 5-8 moms involved and too many kiddos to count. Today, there were only four, but still a very big handful of little rascals.
I love these playdates. Once C gets older, I know he will really benefit from the company of other little guys and gals. However, it never ceases to fail that us mom's decide we are crazy half way through it for trying to do crafts and play.

Kiddos are running around literally everywhere. If one is crying, they are all crying. Trust me. It's like they are all "guys we can conquer if we stick together, commence ear pinching whines!"

Multiple spankings are often given to each child, because most are the age of learning what is appropriate and not appropriate during playdates. For example, slapping across the face or pooping all over someone.. probably not appropriate.

Every time we just laugh and wonder why the heck we thought this was a good idea. We are dedicated to the crafts, and the kids are dedicated to us not doing the craft. I mean, poor C spent the majority of the time like this:

But, just like clock work, at the end of the playdate, the cries, screams, messy house, and one too many boo boo's are totally worth it. 

I usually leave with some thing to remind me of this super sweet oh so tiny stage C is in. I mean, he will never be this tiny again. The other moms (myself included) leave with a much needed "girls time" under their belt, and all the kiddos leave having the time of their lives with their little friends (except, of course, the occasional spanking... they aren't big fans of those) 

It's at the end of these play dates that I'm just so thankful for C - The blessing that he is to me and that the Lord sees fit to make me his mom.
I leave the playdates with an overwhelmingly full heart of thankfulness for the lovely ladies in my life and their little people. I'm so thankful to call them friends, and that C will grow up with Godly parents of his friends. That is HUGE for me. I trust these ladies with my little guy. That's big. I will never have to worry about C wanting to spend the night with them, and I know that they will love and disciple him if need be.

I wish I had gotten a picture of all the plates made. They simply melt my heart with adorableness. Children are such a blessing. The running, crying, and disobeying are all so small in comparison to the joy these little people bring into my life.

So why do we do this to ourselves, eh? Because, those little people and those adorable plates (and the memories) are so worth it my friends. so. worth. it.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful time, a delicious meal, and a darn cute owl plate.


Brittany said...

So fun! Maybe next time Reid won't think laying on top of Hudson until he exploded is appropriate behavior!

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

LOVE this!!
You are so very right-- one day you'll look back and have all these cool crafty playdates to reminisce about, and you'll be super glad you withstood the temporary chaos each time. I mean, you're already feeling grateful!
I think that is SUCH an awesome idea and sounds like it's totally worth the trouble.
Cute plates!!
Wish I lived closer! I need these types of playdates in my life!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I love that you do this! So fun! and the plates are so cute!