3 important lazy monday things...

1. Mondays are slowing becoming one of my favorite days of the week. shocking, I know. They are my start over days... if I've had a previous bad week or weekend, boom start over on Monday. They are my days to catch up on some much needed house work and grocery shopping. Most importantly, they are my slowest days at home with C. Just me and him.

The morning light was just killer this am. It's just about the only good that can come from losing an hour of sleep.

2. I realize that was a million pictures up there. Just can't help it. This stage he is in rocks my socks off (do people still use that phrase.. oh well) It truly does. As I was shooting, my long locks were constantly getting in my way. I started to put my hair up, but then I decided to just play around with it. Kinda love the film look it gives to the images.

who knew hair getting in the way could be kinda cool.

3. sooo... he's doing this now. I love and hate it at the same time. Someone tell him to stop growing. 

that little soccer blanket was Joshs growing up. lurve it.


Rikki Sophia said...

Oh my goodness, I love the picture of his little feet! I tickle and play with my daughters little feet all the time. They are too cute!


Rachel said...

He's adorable! No wonder you want to take so many pictures!!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh my lord. He is SO cute!