A day in the life of us

Let me preface this post by just explaining how grateful I am that I am living my "dream life". This is literally my dream life. Not Hollywood red carpets. Not a successful career. Growing up, all I ever wanted was to get married young, have lots of babies, and be a stay at home mom. Jesus has been incredibly gracious in allowing me to do so.

I married at 19, and got pregnant at 22. At age 23, I become a stay at home mom. One of my major goals in life was achieved and it's no thanks to me. It's a huge thanks to a husband who does everything possible for me to stay home. It's an even bigger praise to my sweet Jesus who has had grace on us and allowed this. I do a little bit of photography on the side (because to be honest, if I didn't we wouldn't pay bills some months), but if I could have it my way (even though I do enjoy/love it), I wouldn't even do that. Although, I'm thankful this is a way I can serve my family.

I just love being at home, and I can't express in words how incredibly grateful I am. I seriously pray for all the women and moms I know that the Lord would allow the same for them. It is the richest of blessings. I understand for some families it's just not doable. I'm not writing this to bloat. I'm just thankful.

I wanted to document what most days look like for us. The million pictures I take of C and these countless blog posts serve one purpose... to document our life. My house burnt down in high school, and we lost everything. Everything. All pictures. Gone.  All tangible memories. Gone. I greatly miss looking into my childhood through those pictures. I want my children to be able to look back long before they were even on this green earth and see how the Lord has been good to our family.

Without any further ado, here's a day in the life of us. This is what most days look like, but there are obviously some days where they look nothing like this. Weekends are always different too. His eating and nap schedule stay pretty consistent though.

8:00am. C wakes up sometime during 8 or 8:30. I nurse him in the living room, and then we have a brief cuddle session. It's my favorite time of day.
 We also squeeze in some time with daddy before he leaves for work at 8:45.

9am. I put C down for his morning nap, and I get to work. I usually answer emails and blog during this time. 

10am. I get ready for the day. Shower and get dressed. If it's a good day, I can put some make up on. ha! I also hit the chores and usually can knock out my daily chore list before 11.
Tuesday (the day I documented) Josh was able to work from home. I love days he is home even though I try not to bother him. I just like his presence:)

11-11:30am. C wakes up from his morning nap. Yep, 2.5 hours long. It's glorious. Sometimes, it's even 3 hours.
we nurse again, and play for a few minutes.
12pm. C gets rice cereal or applesauce. This is his favorite time of the day. This is usually the hour I run errands if I have to or go to play dates. Some days, we just gotta get out of the house.
Since dad was home, Josh spent some of his lunch hour holding C.
1pm. Grocery shopping. BY MYSELF. Amen for husbands who will keep a baby. (really C naps from 1-2:30)
2pm. squeeze in lunch for myself. I eat the same thing pretty much every day. Turkey, avocado, tomato sandwich with carrots and hummus. yum.
2:30. another nursing session and cuddling with my boy.
3pm. Family time. Since Josh worked from home, we got some extra family time. Usually this hour is spent just me and C playing or watching Finn out the window. On pretty days, we go for a walk. Again, thankful husband can work from home sometimes.
4pm. C goes down for a nap (4-5:30). Josh finishes up some work and I get to relax for the day.... kinda. I usually edit during this time.
But sometimes, we sneak in some Mario. yes, we love us some Wii. A couple who Marios together, stays together. right?
5pm. I start dinner. Husband feeds C his 5:30 bottle and then plays with him so I can cook and pick up the house.

6pm. Dinner. It's delish. Husband and I talk about our day and play catch up. Dinner at our house will always be a sit down family time. My family always did that and now that I have a family of my own, I appreciate it more than ever.
C takes a nap somewhere in between 6:30 and 7:30. Some days he doesn't nap at all. While we were eating dinner we could hear he was falling asleep. He usually talks himself to sleep. He usually can't move in his swinging seat. I heard him roll and I looked over. This was how he was sleeping. I quickly ran and fixed him, and praised Jesus he didn't fall. #momfail

7pm.  We play with C and have a recorded tv show on in the background. C loves to sit with us and play with his blocks. Some nights this is his bath time.
 8pm or 8:30pm. He nurses one last time, and we start our bedtime routine. He nurses, I cuddle him, we lay him down, and we read a story either from the Jesus Story Book Bible or from the book pictured below.
I can't wait until he is older and we can really make his bedtime routine more of a Family worship time.

9pm. Josh and I watch some TIVO, play wii, or get in the bed and read. We usually don't fall asleep until somewhere around 10:30 or 11. I love these "late night" hours with my man. We have the best time playing Wii together. I know that probably just sounds so silly, but we seriously have a blast. We talk through the whole thing, pick on each other, kiss when we win something, and cuddle. I love it.

I usually fall asleep to this below. Sweet C sleeping.

Thank you Jesus for your sweet blessings. I cherish every bit of them.

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Anonymous said...

His bright blue eyes are gorgeous! C is so cute!

I have always thought about being a stay at home mom but not quit yet. I want to travel the world before I have a baby. Do you find time to travel?

Heather Marie said...

love this post!! it is so fun having the insight of a mom, I am nanny so I get a little taste of it, thanks for linking up!

Heather Leigh said...

Aww I love this!! =D Your little boy is just the cutest lil guy ever!! =D
Your days are pretty similar to mine. Only I don't have a wee! So jealous. =D Xoxo

Nicole said...

Love. just love.

M and L said...

Awww how precious! FIrst, thanks for linking up with us :) Being a stay at home home is also a dream of mine. It's actually on my bucket list :p Loved seeing your day through photos. Baby C is adorable! Seems like a super good baby!!!

Have a great Friday!
-Laurie Brotherton

Patrick and Ashley said...

Loved this oh so sweet post! Being a mama is the best thing ever huh?!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

For some reason I always love reading about how other mamas go about their day, so I loved this post! You are inspiring, so inspiring! Your love for your baby and hubs is beautiful, and you've made me take a step back and really think about what a blessing it is to have the "job" of stay at home mama.
And? Your little one is the BEST napper, oh my goodness!! Amazing! :)

ps. Email reply coming asap! Love your idea!!

bandofbrothers said...

you are just stinkin adorable. and our lives are remarkably similar:) love this!

Jane Caroline said...
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Jane Caroline said...
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Jane Caroline said...

this is the sweetest!! the simple moments that are often passed over are such precious blessings. I love that you documented these moments! you will treasure these types of posts for years to come!

I just found your blog and am so glad I did! Can't wait to follow you more :)

Jane Caroline said...
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Judy Beltrez said...

this day looks like a blast! I remember doing (almost)the same thing with my little one. Hes 15 months now.
just started following your blog! i love it already :)

The Curious Critter said...

Seriously love that little book up there. We often read a passage from it at my church in the nursery before we prayed over the time we would have with those sweet babes.