Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

This past weekend,  my sisters, mom and I went on a very much needed girls getaway to Nashville ((and to celebrate my mom's birthday... whose birthday is today/HAPPY BIRTHDAY)). We loaded up the babies in one very over packed van and trucked on up Thursday afternoon. It took us longer than normal to make it due to the three babies, but Jim Gaffigan, wheat thins, and Hillsong music made it a whole lot more bearable. I brought my cannon along, but quickly realized I left the battery at home. cool. PTL for iphones. All pics edited through Afterlight app.

Friday, we drove down to Franklin, Tn for a little shopping and window coveting. I absolutely LOVE Franklin. Something about it feels so small town, but so urban at the same time. The weather was something of a dream. We went to downtown Franklin and the Factory mall (old cotton gin turned mall). We finished the day with dinner at Maggiano's in Nashville. So needless to say, we all went to bed very tired and full. 

 Saturday, after the babies took a nice long morning nap, we headed to the Opry Mills Mall. You guys, the Forever 21 there is seriously 6 stores long. It. was. heaven. I bought way to much clothing for my own good. Once again, the babies were all absolutely perfect and napped in the stroller..... all you mommas out there know how perfect that is! Dinner was at Rainforest Cafe... C hated every bit of it. Afterwards, we headed to the Opry Mills Hotel for site seeing and Gelato.
  If you've never been to the Opry Mills Mall/Hotel, you're missing out. This is some of the hotel below... yes, those are buildings and shops inside of the hotel. Phenomenal.

 That night, my dad had all our husbands and brothers over for meat eating and Skyfall. They sat around and laughed at how long it would probably take us to get home on Sunday. Meany heads. It only took us 3.5 hours that time! WHOOP! C did so amazing the whole trip. He was honestly never any trouble and such a great traveler. He was beyond ready to see his dad Sunday afternoon!

Amongst my shopping, these were my favorite purchase. Leather high top Converse for C this winter. I'm in love. 

Big thanks to my mom and sister, Linny, for making this trip happen. So grateful to you both. It was so so so needed to get away with them and Audrey. Something about being with family is just sooooo soothing... and convicting. I'm am my most me when I am around my family. Does that make sense? My ugly sins show their face because I have nothing to lose with these women. They are my family, and they will always love me. Being around them this weekend, I saw some of my selfishness and sins show their little face just a tad bit ((although, sometimes, it was Siri's fault)). When I got home Sunday, the Lord just ate me up over it. I'm prideful, sometimes have a need to be right, and it's hard for me to swallow my pride... not to mention, I can be bossy... me.. who knew?:) Thankful the Lord revealed those areas in my life that don't reflect him, and thankful my sisters know how to put me in my place... they are too good at that sometimes:)

I'm looking forward to a pretty slow week. Shout out to my amazing hubs who cleaned the house while I was gone... and for sending me this gem while I was away. He is going to hate me for this but I don't even care:) that boy can sing y'all.


jillemersonbell said...

Tell Kuby, I said he rocks! First for being such a great hubby, and second for singing so great! Y'all are both so stinkin cute!

Valerie Griffin said...

what a blast!

bandofbrothers said...

looks like a great trip! and you are adorable, by the way.