because if all else fails.... watch Kid President

heading to Nashville in a few days for a girls trip with my sisters and mom. This new mom is kinda freaking over what and what not to pack on my first trip with a 5 month old. I keep acting like I'm going out of the country or something and forgetting that Nashville also has a Target. Because we all know, if all else fails and you forgot something... go to Target.

So I'm off to try to start packing. barf. I think instead, I'll just watch every episode of Kid President there is.

Tips for trips moms?

p.s I'm over at BLOOM today giving 10 steps to being a better wife. very serious stuff.


Alyssa said...

Loved your post over on Nicole's blog.. you and your hubs.. and your baby.. are so so so cute :)

Jess said...

LOL I have never heard of kid president before. The happiness & sadness meter killed me!

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Andrea said...

I actually wrote a post recently about traveling with a baby (road trip)

Good luck on your trip...and you're so right-there's always a Target nearby :)