blogger friends having babies.

Easter is this weekend. It's my absolute favorite Holiday. Yes, more so than Christmas but for different reasons. I want to write a post just dedicated to Easter. Hopefully later today or tomorrow, but right now I got five minutes before little boy needs to nurse or wakes up, so I'll save that post for later. Instead, I bring something totally different that fills my heart with joy.

Babies and Blogger friends.
My "real life friends" don't really understand the concept of blogger friends. Yes, they are women I haven't met in person who become some of my sweetest friends. And it's all because of one reason. Jesus. These women radiate Christ. It's overwhelming. Through Him, I've been able to connect with them and share life with them. 

One of those friends is Valerie. She blogs over at Along the Way with V&J. I found her several months ago, and she had been following my blog before that. I commented on one of her blog posts and we've become good friends ever since. She was pregnant when we started texting. I'd answer all her baby questions. It's really become a sweet friendship and one that I know will oddly last. I know this all sounds so crazy to people who don't blog.

This past week Val finally had sweet baby M. I've been dying to meet this little boy. I knew I had to go meet him. It didn't even hit me until on the way home that it was the first time I had met Val in person, too. Just instant friendship it didn't even feel weird.

My other blog friend turned real life friend, Nicole, went with  me. I met Nicole a while back after we had been blogger friends. The car ride there and back was nothing short of biblical community. We talked about life, decision, trusting Jesus, having babies, and marriage. A convo usually shared between two friends who've known each other for ages. I've known Nicole maybe 6 months.... maybe.

Baby M was such a treasure to meet. He made me desparetly wish that C was that little still. Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING this 6 month stage, but there is just something about that little squirmy, mushy baby that gets me all weak in the knees. Both baby and momma are doing great. She seriously doesn't even look like she had a baby two days ago. Get it girl!

Can't wait to take his newborn pics in the next week or so. Love me some Miller.

so thankful for these two gals and their friendship. The Lord is good. Amen.


Nicole said...

This makes me really really happy. And you are so right... I don't even think it has been six months. ;)

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

I so understand!! While I have not yet met any of my blogger friends in person, I feel like they are some of my closest friends. It doesn't really make sense, and yet it does. Love that you got to meet her sweet babe, what an incredible time! xo

Allyson Butler said...

These pictures are so precious! It is so amazing how this blogging community connects all of us.

Rachel said...

Seriously 3 of my fave bloggers in one room!! I have been following Valerie and Nicole for some time now, and I have just recently started reading your blog, Kate. I LOVE IT! I'm so excited to see your pictures of Miller! :)

Liz said...

That is so awesome! I love that you are now "real life" friends. :)