he forgot his luggage

One of my very best friends go married this past weekend. I was honored when she asked me to be a part of her big day. She's is seriously one of the best friends I've ever had. I could go on and on about her but I'll spare you the sappy post.

The following are a million pictures of all her festivities & the big day. LOVED celebrating this gal. These pics are a mixture of iphone, a friend's point and shoot, and my cannon.

It was so much fun being in a wedding my sister (although I got ZERO pics of us together. lame) and some of my dearest friends.

Lingerie Shower:)
 He's the cutest.

Bridesmaids dinner & bouquet making
these two girls... my dearests.
 all the bridesmaids:)

Bridesmaids luncheon:

Rehearsal Dinner:

The BIG day:
She was amazing.
a few of the details

told ya it was a million pictures long.

If you know Andrew (the groom) then you know he's a bit of a goof sometimes. More like blonde moments. He went the entire day without having an "Andrew Moment". Well.... that is until they left. He totally forgot his luggage for the honeymoon. Despite that small glitch, the day was amazing. Congrats you two! I love you both, and I'm so PUMPED you're now at MR&MRS


Valerie Griffin said...

what a gorgeous wedding! love her dress & y'all's too! :)

Sarah said...

What a fun weekend! Love her rehearsal dinner dress and your BM dresses! And that puppy?! Get outta town!!

Catalyn H said...

The wedding looks like it was gorgeous! I loved all the details - esp the lights the happy couple were dancing under! Plus I am a huge fan of those bmaid gowns!

Thanks for linking up with us!

JPShar said...

These are awesome Katie, great job!!

Jess @ SomeSnapshots said...

Beautiful photos, and I love the fit & color of the bridesmaid dresses. If I owned that, I definitely WOULD wear it again! Maybe all the time ;)

Some Snapshots Blog

Lacey O. said...

whoa girl I love all your outfits here! such great style!!