His death means my life and freedom

Yesterday, I sat down to type this post. I couldn't even really begin to think of how to express in words my love for Easter. All that it represents to me. What Christ did for me and you and the world on the cross. It honestly just leaves me so completely convicted and speechless. It reminds me of how completely and utterly sinful I am every single day. How each time I choose sin, I'm basically looking at the cross with those Roman soldiers and making a mockery of what He did.

I really just didn't know how to even go about writing that post. Until I watched these two videos. I knew I just needed to share them. They left me sitting at my little, brown computer desk sobbing. Real sobbing. I wept. Tears came up from deep within my soul that I have tried to keep suppressed. The reality of sin has hit so hard for me these past few months. Easter has never had a better timing in my life.

I hope you watch these short videos in their entirety. They blessed me immensely and reminded me that to know Christ's love is to understand His Holy wrath. I hope that this Easter you will remember or come to learn what Christ did for you on that Cross. That you repent and return to Him. Let him be your first Love. This life is incredibly short and not promised.

There is TRUE Victory and Hope and Freedom in Christ. In Christ only.


Oh, and if you are curious how the Kubler Kiddos will celebrate Easter each year, I plan to do something like THIS instead of Easter baskets. I can't wait to do it next year with C.


marion said...

So good Katie. You gave me a new idea. You all will get the same from me this year. I love you so much! What a blessing to be your mom!!!

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

I love this...
i was scrolling through my blog list this morning, seeing post after post of meaningless stuff-- giveaways, party photos, happy weekend wishes--- and for a second I thought, "Has anyone written anything worth reading?? Doesn't anyone have anything to say about Jesus??"

Then I came across your post.
You're a light in the darkness, girl...
God is pleased with you, I'm sure of it.
Thank you for sharing those videos!
I watched the first one and it was SUCH a beautiful reminder of the depth of God's love for me.


Like an infinite fall said...

Thank you for this!!!

I am sure that God was wanting you to put this on your blog! The first video is a beautiful reminder of the love of the Lord & the second one is just so good!

Happy easter girl & God bless you!