I'm not ready for this


you guys. It happened.

Over the weekend, little boy cut his first tooth. I realized it Sunday night at community group and almost had a total meltdown right then and there. He's been so cranky this weekend, but I didn't even consider teething.

You see, I'm head over heels obsessed with that gummy smile. It's in the top 5 of my favorite things about having a baby. It melts my heart every time and makes my ovaries do flips. No. joke. 

I held myself together, but once we got home, the waterworks happened. I'm so not ready for this little boy to grow up. So. not. ready. His tooth hasn't even shown it's little white self yet, but I'm already grieving the loss of that gummy smile. You mommas out there know what I'm talking about. 

Next thing I know, this kid will be getting his first car. Shoot me in the foot.

I told husband that I'm going to be taking nine million more pictures of that gummy smile  (he said how is that any different from what you do already... sheesh) while I still can. Thus explains those horrible lighting, blurry, fuzzy iphone pics above. I don't even care. I love each and every one. 

So far, sliced apples, carrots, warm baths, finn window watching, and cold rags are getting us through. Tylenol is given every now and then when he is super fussy. Moms out there... tips or tricks to get him through? 

I'm off to Google how to keep a baby a baby forever. Surely someone out there has figured it out.


Miriam said...

Dear sweet Katie, your little boy will always be your little boy, no matter how old, no matter how many teeth. How do I know this? I know because my sweet Momma who is 85 still feels this way about me, and I'll be 58 this year.
This little child in all of us, if allowed to survive, is the best part of us. The child believes what he or she cannot understand. My boy is still my child; yes I ache to hold him as I watch him fly by, but how thrilling it is to watch him fly! xox

Leah said...

'makes my ovaries do flips' - totally laughed out loud at that. but i hear you, each milestone means them growing. let me know if you find anything on google. although mine are not babies any more, i'd like to freeze time anyway!

4 J's said...

Teething tablets saved my life and JC's! They melt in their mouth and gave my little one immediate relief! Hope they work for your little man!

Jennifer Smith said...

So, completely random, but ended up on your blog through Angelyn and Michael Vaughn and a link on Facebook. Don't know why. My husband works with Michael at UT.

Completely aside from that, I got completely caught up in your post about your daily life. We moved to Memphis last June, and have a 7 mo old little boy--our first. We love reading to him from his Jesus Storybook Bible, and also think about ways to help him learn to celebrate holidays and see the world differently. We might adopt at some point, I have a nose piercing, and generally just found so many connection points in your blog that I wanted to reach out and say hello. :-)

Thanks for the post about your day and thoughts on Easter! Jennifer

bandofbrothers said...

oh i love little toothies! soooo little and cute! i think it's presh.