who I'm crushing on...

So Ein over at LIY is doing a blogger crush party. I usually don't participate in too many parties but this one was just to good to pass on.

I introduce to you.... my most favorite blogs. I'm almost certain you will thank me seeing as the blogs are amazing and I'm a diehard reader of each!

They are in no special order... I guess

My most favorite ever: 

Ashley Ann  I check her blog almost every single day. I'm not kidding her. She's a photographer turned SAHM. She loves Jesus, adoption, and crafting. I seriously think we may be the same person sometimes... okay, the creeper in me is coming out. Just go check her blog. for real.

My other daily blog: 

The daybook. I read every single post. Her wit just kills me sometimes. Not to mention she has such a cute little boy, and she is beautiful. But seriously, she's one of the best blog writers out there. I've been following for over 3 years and still love it! She also has over 15,000 followers. Told ya she's good.

Nat the Fat Rat: She lives in NYC. Her boy is so cute. She reminds me a lot of the Daybook ^. 

These next few blogs I recently found a few months back and they have become friends of mine. I read their posts and leave encouraged and inspired every time. They love Jesus and make sure to make him known in their blogs.

Love Jesus & Have become real friends of mine.

Bloom the Blog : So glad I found her blog. She actually lives right down the street from me and we have become real life friends. Her heart for Jesus is real.

Valerie: Along the way with V&J : This girl has truly become a very dear friend. We text pretty much all the time. She's due with her first baby boy any day now. So thankful to have met this sweet friend. She lives about an hour away and we plan to meet up in the coming weeks. Can't wait:)

After His Smile : I found her blog right after she moved away from Memphis. Sad. She has the same heart for adoption that I do. She loves her three boys and strives to show them Jesus. I LOVE reading her posts. SO Jesus filled.

Apples Of Gold : Becky makes me laugh. She's become a real life friend that I text and email because she lives in CA. We are kindred spirits, and her little girl is the sweetest. We are determined to meet up one day. Just love her.

Erin @ Sweetness itself :  Sweetest girl ever. Loves Jesus desperately. That's all I need to say about this girl. Read her blog.

DIY & Photography

These blogs rule the roost in DIY and pretty photos. They really inspire me.

A Beautiful Mess: The best DIY blog out there hands down. I read pretty much every post and plan to do a million of their DIY

Story of my life: I just like looking at her pretty photos.

Bleu Bird Vintage: Overall, just a great lifestyle blog. Her style is amazing, and Sunday cakes always have me drooling.

There you have it. My most favorite blogs. I'm sure I probably left one or two out, but these are ones I'm always sure to read.


Sarah said...

I want to bee bop all over NYC with Nat and Sydney one day! Love them!!

Jess said...

Great choices. I just noticed yesterday that Daybook has 15,000 followers! What the what! That is crazy awesome, I can`t even wrap my mind around that!

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Valerie Griffin said...

seriously, you made my day. :) you've been super helpful during this pregnancy and i know i'll be leaning on you even more when Miller arrives. VERY thankful for you!