The worst weather but the best time packing food

Tonight we served with our church (Revision Church) at our local food pantry. We have adopted the food pantry as our church wide mission project. I promise there is nothing that brings a body of believers closer together than when they are serving others together. It was such a fun night with some of our best friends. So thankful C is such a good baby. I always want him to come with us when we are serving. It's a bonus he's such an easy going kid. Answer to pray for sure. His reward for being so good?... cheese dip after. Don't freak out, he didn't really have cheese dip. He actually slept through the entire meal. What's serving others without a little Mexican after?
^totally unrelated pic. I just had a really good naturally curly hair day (which NEVER happens) so it was documented.^

If you go to Revision and you haven't served yet... get on board. You are way missing out. Not a Revision member? you should be Get involved with your church serving some how some way. To many generations of Sunday goers have come and gone. serve. serve. serve.


Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

My own C was NOT that good baby I had dreamed about, much to my disappointment! We have adjusted and accepted that life is just different for us for awhile, but I am very happy for you that you are still able to get involved and do the things you love! So so great.
And yes, that is definitely an amazing hair day! I would document it too ;)

Adrienne Clark said...

What an awesome thing to do! That's amazing! Love the pics of your hubby and the baby, he is adorable!!! You are beautiful. Love you natural hair! I am over from the link-up and your newest GFC follower :-)
Happy Friday!

AlyciaMealy said...

Loving your cute blog!