Hostess cupcake on crack

Meet the Chocolate Ganache Cream Filled Cupcake. Otherwise known as Hostess Cupcake on Crack. Y'all, this cupcake was thebomb.com. No joke it was seriously so rich and yummy. Don't be fooled by my lack of cupcake challenge posts, I'm still baking them! I've got to play catch up in posting them here. 5 cupcakes down, 26 more to go!

Recipe here!

Other Cupcakes I've done:

Banana Maple Cream
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Valerie Griffin said...

my mouth is watering....

Jess said...

YUM! I think I need a little treat now!

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Cara Howard said...

OH MY GOSHHH these look SO KILLER!!! xo

Emily C said...


bandofbrothers said...

yum! love your shots too! i love cupcakes but am intolerant to dairy and so most cupcakes are out for me cuz of the frosting:(

Nicole said...

Are these the ones you made for us?? LOVED those!!!

Inner Glam by Crys said...

mmm looks yummy.. i ventured over from bloglovin bloghop... i like your blog..