Our weekend & Family Worship

ello darlings, this past weekend was S to the O needed. Husband and I went to a marriage retreat. Every year his job, One8, hosts a marriage retreat for pastors and church planters. I love going every year. C came along and was such a dream baby the entire time. We had our one or two melt downs, but honestly he wasn't even an issue. So thankful.

Don Whitney was the speaker. PHENOMENAL. That sums him up pretty well. He introduced us to a way of prayer and scripture meditation that will forever change the way I pray and read the bible. I mean, I grew up in the bible belt and this revolutionized my life. good stuff. You can download the hand outs here and here (click on praying through scripture outline). I HIGHLY encourage you to do so. Seriously, it will change the way your pray and read the bible. Not joking.

I think though my most favorite thing we discussed on day two was Family Worship and the importance of it. Josh and I read a story from the Jesus Story Book Bible or from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing every night with C at bedtime, then we pray over him. We know he is probably not going to understand anything we say or do for a long time, but he will learn first that whatever it is we are doing, it is needed and it is important because we do it everyday. Family worship will be the normal for him.As he gets older, we will add more elements into our family worship time. Don Whitney has some great resources on Family Worship here and here.

Image via my sweet friend, Allison. She posted some resources for family worship on her blog, too!

Want to know more about family worship? What it even is. Go HERE:) www.familyworshipproject.com

God deserves to be worshiped daily in our homes as a family. So thankful for such a relaxing weekend with my sweet husband. How did I ever get so lucky with such a Godly man? Grace.

oh, and say a prayer for this momma, we are transitioning C from three naps a day to two. He's ready for it, but it will be a big adjustment for him. It's gunna be a lonnnnnnng week:)


sarah {on the brightside...} said...

I am definitely going to check out those resources on "praying through scripture". This year, I am trying harder to memorize & meditate on scripture and honestly, I need help with my prayer life too! So, thank you for sharing those links. I think they will help!! :)

Patrick and Ashley said...

Thank you for those resources from your weekend! What a blessing! We read and pray with Kate every night in our own little "life with a two year old kinda way." She turned two in January and says "God's promises" when we get her Bible out to read. And she is totally blowing us away with her catechism answers. I am so happy that we were encouraged to start doing family worship by seeing other families in our church do it...I probably would've waited until later thinking "she wasn't old enough yet." She is like a little sponge right now! My, the responsibility of parenting--what a calling!

Cassie Marshall said...

These resources are SO great. I do a Psalm a day, and I don't always feel like I'm getting what I should be out of it. I'm looking forward to using these principles to get more out of my prayer and meditation! Thanks so much for sharing.

bandofbrothers said...

that first pic of you two is breathtaking!

Judy Beltrez said...

wow thank you so much for all the great resources.
Attending a marriage retreat is always a refreshener to our marriages. so glad your little one was also a blessing while trying to stay focus on the sermons and workshops.

always a great treat reading your blog :)

The Shepherd Family said...

Thanks so much for suggesting www.familyworshipproject.com. It was my doctoral school project, and I'm always happy to see that it is helpful and being used. (Loved your photo blog as well. My wife is photographer, too! www.tracishepherdphotography.com)
Have a great day!

Scott Shepherd