The Way I See You : Week 2

A weekly collaboration of momma's capturing our children the way we see them.

See Week 1 here
Inspiration for series from You Are My Wild

Instagram contributors:

Thanks to all who posted this week on Instagram. It was hard to choose just 8! Want to join along? Use hashtag #thewayiseeyouchallenge. Maybe your image will be featured next week:) If you are private on insta but would like the chance to be featured like the ones above, email your insta to katie dot kubler at yahoo dot com subject titled "the way I insta see you"


Toni Englestead said...

Great! Love seeing my pictures this week!


AlyciaMealy said...

So excited to be included in this! thank you !!!


Dawnelle @ JustDawnelle said...

Oh what an incredible collection of photos... I really am loving this idea! It is making me really think about the way I see my children compared to the world and what I really want to be able to remember about them in years to come. So excited to participate!!!

Just Dawnelle

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

Love this!
Each of these photos is so so precious!
This post totally made me smile. =)

bandofbrothers said...

cute week of pictures! fun!