The Way I See You : Week 4

A weekly collaboration of momma's capturing our children the way we see them. 

See Week 3 here
Inspiration for series from You Are My Wild

Instagram Contributors: 

Some Exciting News: Due to incredible feedback, The Way I See You series is going to be continuing for just a little bit longer!! There will be some new blogs joining in with some of the current blogs consistently each week. The weeks will alternate between photos taken with our smart phones and photos taken with our DSLRs. 

Even More Exciting News: YOU have the chance to make a guest appearance. Each week, email Kate&Kuby (you must be a follower) a full sized photo of someone you love the way you see them that you would like to have featured along with your blog link (if you have one). Two images will be chosen. Next week is the first week we will be using smart phone images (no editing done outside of the smartphone please:) Feel free to continue to use the hashtag #thewayiseeyouchallenge on social media for your photo to appear as the instagram contributor. Use subject title "TWISY week 5" in your email for next weeks photo submission.  

Thank you for all the wonderful feed back! This series has been a blast:)


Heather Leigh said...

Aww!! So cute!

Mrs. Osmond said...

Loving everyones photo. I especially love yours and the dreamy effect to it!!


Valerie Griffin said...

i'm dying over the pic of C and Finn! best buds! so cute!