You guys... he's 6 months today. #notcool

 ^one of my fav pics of you. of all time. that smile. #heartmelt^

Teddy bear growth pic:)
 ^took this one today on my iphone. Had to include it bc you're just so cute:)^


It's hard to even comprehend that you have been here 6 months. Your dad and I say all the time that we can't remember life without you. It seems you've been here longer than 6 months and no where near 6 months all at the same time. We absolutely love being parents. It's the richest blessing.

You are in size 2 diapers. You wear 3-6/6 month clothing. I have no idea what shoe size you are in. ha! We never wear them. You still sleep 8:30-8/9 straight every night. You nurse 5 times throughout the day and eat rice cereal or applesauce twice a day (I plan to introduce you to home made vegetables this month). You still take 3 naps throughout the day. However, I can tell that you don't really want to take your last nap anymore. We may be switching to two naps a day soon.

We went to Dr. Bubba today. You weighed 15.2lbs and are 25 3/4 inches long. He said you are perfectly average and healthy in all your measurements. We praised Jesus big time!!

New things you've done this month:

-You cut TWO teeth!!!!!! Teething has been the pits, but you have two little bottom teeth coming in right front and center. I can see their white shiny tips.
- You can sit up on your own. You are still pretty shaky if you try to turn your head or move your arms a lot, but you'll be sturdy in no time, I'm assuming.
- You've tried Pizza crust and Banana Mum-Mums since teething. To say you love them, is an understatement. 
- You moved into your big boy bath seat and it's your new best friend
- This month you have started to say baba and mama and dada when you get upset. It's precious. You also straight up belly laugh a whole lot more and it's my favorite thing.
-We bought you a jumperoo. It's your new favorite toy. You were getting sick of your play mat.
-You love Finn more than ever. Whenever he walks buy, you die laughing and you follow him around the room. He lets you pet him and you just smile and laugh the entire time.
-Your favorite game is Where's Canaan? Any time I say it, you turn to me and just smile. When I peekaboo from behind my hands you just laugh.
-Your dad is still probably your favorite person. You will sit with him for hours if we would let you. I love that you already know who he is and want to be with him.

I love you little boy. You bring so much Joy to our world. I know the Lords gave us you in perfect timing. During a harder season of my life, you have brought so much happiness. Every day is a complete joy being home with you. I can't get enough of your fun little personality.

one very giddy momma over here.

(photog tip: took these this morning in really dim light. So I had to shoot on a high ISO, which I hate doing. I plan to retake these when more light comes in my room. The higher the ISO, the more pixely and noisy the images are. thus the reason why these images look so pixely. I just had to share them though bc he's still so cute!)


bandofbrothers said...

he is just too cute! love these pics with all the whites!

Valerie Griffin said...

such a little stud!