A boy & his pup: photog tips: and a video:)

A couple weeks back, I shot some pics of C and finn playing around the house. I LOVE them:) C is really into trying to put everything... even Finn... into his mouth. These three images just crack me up!

Sometimes, a play blanket, a pup, and a stinkin adorable baby tush are just the recipe for some heart melting photos. I realized that I didn't have a single photo of that naked tush since he's been able to sit up, shocker, I know. I was making lunch and about to put C into the bath. Through the door crack, I could see C and Finn playing quietly. I had no idea that Finn was guarding over C and his kingdom of misfit toys. I ran for my camera, and tried my best not to disturb them. Well... that is without the occasional "FINN, STOP LICKING HIS MOUTH!"

Photog tip:
I shot this in manual and very underexposed. I was in a hurry and not paying attention to what my settings were. That's why it's crucial to invest in a great editing software other than photoshop. I love me some Lightroom. I was able to correct the exposure to my liking.

Photog tip: Get creative with your perspective. Like I said, I shot this through the door crack. I love how the white door edges caused that dreamy effect to the side of the photos.

Photog tip: Let your subject be. With my own kids, and even when shooting sessions, I try my hardest to just let them be. Catch them in their moments. The last image is my favorite. It so represents this stage C is in. He loves finn and he loves putting finn in his mouth.

And because this is just TOO cute... here is a video of C we took on our iphones the other day. This is C's favorite thing ever to do right now! chasing finn... and he's almost crawling. I thought I might be able to catch his first attempt on video... not so much. Listen carefully for his squeaks and giggles. They are contagious!

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Cassie Marshall said...

oh my goodness why is he SO cute?!

Anna D Kart said...

You have the perfect little guys with a perfect little bum! So cute!