a post I wrote, delete, and rewrote.

^^^^this image has nothing to do with anything but it just makes me smile so much. I mean, his smile is just... I can't take it. And goodness this post needs some pepping up. 

sometimes, you just need to go on a rant. You need to type everything out, get it out of your system, hit the publish button, and pray some how that the Lord uses it.

This is one of those posts.

Or it was. I deleted what I had written here. I wrote it all out yesterday in a moment of frustration and brokenness. I knew I needed to sit on it before I hit that publish button. Sometimes it's so therapeutic to just type it all it. Get it all out there and out of your head. I forget too that a few people actually read this blog. Sometimes, most times, I think that it's just me reading this.

It's a funny thing, blogging. We start it as a way to document our lives. I want to use it to remember what my life is like now for years down the road when I'm drowning in crayons, food stains, and dirt (don't read that wrong- I can't wait!!). But then we gain a little bit of followers... people outside our immediate friends and family. And we tend to blog for those people. Because they don't really know us. It's our immediate loved ones that usually know what it is we are talking about when we are being vague about an issue on our blog.

So, I deleted my post. It's just not ready to be published. To sum it up, it basically ended with me showing my true sinful colors, asking Jesus for forgiveness and grace, and strength to extend those attributes to others.

Yesterday was just a hard day for this gal emotionally. And although I am a girl... I surprisingly don't get emotional about too much stuff. Just the hard stuff.  And yesterday that stuff hit hard. Like, You just want to pick up the phone, have a good scream, hang up and eat a butt load of carbs in your bed kind of hard.
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Okay, I'm going to sit here and retype everything out if I don't change the subject so... although my day had spurts of really no goodness, there were a few wonderful things that happened.

First. My sweet friend gave me these boots. Yep. she's awesome. I got to visit with her quickly and talk about numerous random things. It was a much needed distraction. And I'm thankful. She didn't have a slight clue how much I need it.

second. Grizz won. Sorrynotsorry if you follow my IG or twitter and aren't a Grizz fan or let alone even know what they are. But they won. And it was Boss. And my new shirt is the bees knees.
Third. husband and I sat outside and read with C playing in our arms. It only lasted about 10 mins, but it was glorious. And fourth, I'm reading through the book of Jude with a sweet girl I'm disciplining, but really she's the one holding me accountable. Reading through it yesterday was so refreshing. Crazy how good scripture is.

oh....And tonight, the three of us are doing something absolutely positively so incredibly wonderful. Wish I could share more now, but maybe tomorrow. Don't want to jump the gun just yet. But it's awesome. And kinda a dream come true. Counting down the hours.


Valerie Griffin said...

gosh, i want that shirt!

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

LOVE Hunter boots! Best present ever. Hang in there, momma!


Jordan Boesch said...

I just came over from Mary Beth's blog (A&C) and fell in love. I don't have a clue what's going on but your post resonated with me and you have a way of writing that made me feel right at home...so I think I'll stay a while. :) I'm gonna go find your instagram too. ;) (I'm @jordanboesch)

Anonymous said...

urg. those days. I like your honesty here - you write with such clarity about how you're feeling... something I totally admire :)