He's going, going, gone {C video}

Ladies and Gentlemen. My son is now a crawler. My sweet little cuddling baby has morphed into a curious, wobbly, chapped knee little boy. Big parts of me are sad the newborn baby stage is gone, but even bigger parts of me LOVE this new exploration stage. So, here's to no more sitting him down and coming back to him in the same place. Commence finding ways to block him into the living room. I'm seeing massive pillow walls, chair forts, and toy blockades coming soon. Helpful tips?

I took these videos on Tuesday, May 28th on my iphone. He did his first little wobble on Monday, but I'm not sure it counted as a full out crawl. It's the cutest little wobbly thing I've ever done see. As always, excuse my over excited baby voice.

and because this video has to do with mobile babies...i guess: can't decided if it's just adorable or just the creepiest thing ever. The little black boy in the denim shirt makes my heart melt somehow. Whatdayathink?

oh, and I failed to mention that he started pulling up on things yesterday! Seems so early to me, right? I mean, I looked over yesterday, and he was pulling up on our coffee table in a crouching/squatting position... slow down kid!!!

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Heather Leigh said...

Oh my gosh! He's so cute!! My girl is getting closer and closer to crawling. I actually thought she was gonna do it the other day!

And that video LOL!!

Cassie Marshall said...

Oh boy that second video creeps me out hahaha

Courtney Kassner said...

Look at him crawling! So exciting!

I was telling my husband the other day about this blog that I've fallen in love with (yours) and he thinks he may have had classes with your hub at UofM or possibly seen him at our home church before. (Faith Baptist) Either way, I'm your newest fan and am loving your blog so far!

Anna D Kart said...

He's adorable Kate!
Also that video with babies dancing is super funny...


Nicole said...

OH MY GOSH!!! His little crawl is just the sweetest thing... I never really want a baby until I see C being all sweet and precious. haha! Eeekkkk I gotta have one!!!

Laura said...

Laughing at that second video...so hilarious!! And your little guy is adorable. Learning to crawl is such a precious thing. :)