I interrupt this regulary scheduled program to announce a few exciting things

Some exciting things.

First off, It's Friday. Hallelujah. Second, I got our pics back from our family session. You guys. I'm dying over all the cuteness of C. They turned out just like I was envisioning. Here's a few peeks. Saving my absolute faves for a post next week!

Third, I'm guest blogging over here today. Check out my post on all the things that bring me joy throughout my day!

Fourth, next week I'll be hosting a GIVEAWAY! Y'all, I seriously can't wait && and I'm adding something new to my blog. SO excited. Giveaway should be on Monday or Tuesday!

Fifth, C turns 7 months old today (read: I'm basically crying all day long. He's growing too fast. I can't hang).

Finally, don't forget The Way I See You series is happening in the post below:)

Send out prayers that its sunny here tomorrow. This girl is hosting a massive yard sale. I need sunshine and lots of buyers. Also, don't forget to comment or email asking me any questions you might have for my FAQ page:) I got a great list going!

Happy weekend friends.

oh and #GoGRIZZ


sarah {on the brightside...} said...

Such pretty photos! That last one is so beautiful! And I love your dress!! :)

Cara Howard said...

Wow. That last picture of you two walking through the fields holding hands and you're holding baby is just... it speaks volumes. I LOVE IT.

Lisa said...

Such lovely pictures!
Hello from FFF!

Have a great weekend!

Anna D Kart said...

I love love love that last picture! your dress s stunning! Where did you get it?


Alyson said...

Beautiful photos! And I love your dress!!!

Visiting from Aloha Friday Blog Hop


Megan Magers said...

visiting from the link up, you and your family are stunning! but oh my plaid can we please talk about the perfectness that is your dress?! the shape and print and color palate are to die for, so happy i found your site!! happy weekend, fingers crossed for sun xo


Leah said...

lovely pictures. they look great!

Tamara @ The Workout Mama said...

These pictures are to die for! Ok not really to die for, but amazing! What a sweet family. Totally excited to follow your blog!
xoxo, Tamara