I need a moment here...

 ... bc he's 7 months old and I'm in denial. How do I have a 7 month old? Time is flying!!


My goodness there isn't enough time in the day to express how wonderfully sweet you are. Your daddy and I are blown away at what a good, happy, calm, baby you are. You still sleep through the night like a champ even though this past month has been so hard on you with teething. It NEVER interrupted your night time sleep. Naps this past month have been a battle. Poor little boy just couldn't sleep through the pain. We transitioned you to two naps a day. After a few weeks and teething ending for now, you sleep 4-5 hours during the day and 12-13 hours straight at night. Your still in a size 2 diaper and now in 6 month clothes. Although some 3-6 months still fit, I don't think they will for long.

New things this past month:
-You are on the VERGE of crawling despite our efforts to keep you from it. Once you crawl... there's no going back:)
-You are a carrots eater all the way. I promise you would eat them for every meal. Thankful you are such a good eater all the time.
-Your two new shiny teeth are just about the darnest cutest thing this momma has ever seen. I was afraid I wouldn't love them as much as I love that gummy smile, but I was way wrong. Seriously kid.
-You LOVE to play chase with Finn. The belly laugh you let out brings us to our knees. It's so precious.
-You learned how to make a great gargle sound and roll your tongue. You say mama and dada. You are also fascinate when we wave hello or bye bye.
-Night time is when you talk the most. Non stop from 7pm to bedtime. 
-You can now pull down the blanket off your head when we say "Where's Canaan?" and sometimes you can put the blanket over you too. Although, that's a little more rare.
-Your new favorite thing is sitting out on the rocking chairs with me and Finn in the afternoons. You watch the birds that have nested on our porch with the most serious of scorn faces. Those silly birds.
-You've successfully made it through your first round of teething. It was a real doosy. I'm not looking forward to it again, but I'm so thankful with how well you did overall. You're a champ.
-You've learned to stick your tongue out and you do it all.the.time. 

So thankful for you sweet C. You bring the most insane amount of joy into our lives. Each day I learn more and more how sinful and selfish I can be. The Lord is using you mightily in my life. I'm so thankful. You are growing so fast it hurts but I'm excited about all the new things that are still yet to come. I love you so much little boy. To the moon and beyond.


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**Big thanks to Holly of Holly Winchell Paperie & Photography for sending me these ADORABLE monthly stickers to show off to you guys. I was so impressed with them. Check out her Facebook page here!


Cassie Marshall said...

I just stalked your FAQ page and stumbled upon your sweet engagement video, so precious!

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Erica {let why lead} said...

He's such a cutie! Wish I could hear that belly laugh!