my favorite of all time favorites.

I haven't join in at all with Jenni and her 30 days of blogging, but I knew when I saw this topic a few weeks back, that I wanted to join in! I've had this blog longer than most realize. For over three years now. Sheesh, back in the good ole days I blogged recipes, yard sale finds, and silly little things. It's hilarious to me to go back and read through some of my first posts. Also, embarrassing. Like looking at your middle school year book in agony over why your mother dressed you that way except this time you did this all to yourself. Can't make excuses this time. These are a few of my most all time favorite posts ever. If you want a good laugh, you should go start back at day one of this blog and read onward. Granted you'll need an hour or so, but I promise it will bring plenty of laughs:)

For different reasons the posts below go down as my favorite of favorite. Some for reasons you probably won't understand others you will. Nonetheless, I'm so thankful I have these. Oldest first:

Wedding pictures:)

What I want most in life. Looking back, I have pretty much every single thing on that list now. Geez Jesus is good.

Husband blogs on being a newlywed.

Finding out the gender of our first born. I'm SO THANKFUL I have these images!

Getting real about being pregnant.

The day C WAS BORN!!!

Celebrating the best month of my life.

Why I go without

being honest about how sinful I can be.

a life in the day of us. our daily routine

the sweetest family video (the last four minutes will get ya) & our easter celebration. 

Being C's momma  and one of my most favorite images with him.

Our spring family pictures and knowing we were taking them to create our adoption profile:) No one knew that's why we had them done! So thankful to have these sweet images!

learning to have grace.

announcing some BIG news about our family of three:)

Hope you enjoy a walk down memory lane here on this ole blog. NOTE: these are not my most embarrassing posts, but I promise they are out there... just waiting to be laughed at;)


Brittany said...

Love that post on a sinful nature. I have been convicted of that recently and its just...humbling and scary and ends up pointing us to the cross because Jesus loves us anyway. :) Thanks for sharing. Love your blog so much!

Cara Howard said...

This is SO lovely. I love all of the links so much. You are such a lovely woman of God!!!

Nicole said...

I love the one about going without. That's my heart right now, too. I just love you friend, and I am so glad that you and little boy came over today!!!

Jess said...

Loved that you shared this! I think I read every one of them! Your little family is so precious!

The Bradleys said...

Just found your blog via Northern Belle ( new subscriber!) and I am so thankful I did! Your photography is gorgeous. I am still getting used to shooting in manual!