watch out. This post wins most intriguing...

 ^^seriously kid. my heart is mush.

... on opposite day.

Let's recap Friday shall we? Woke up a little late. Worked out, feed C, packed up and already running late. Strike 1. Husband dropped me off at a doctor's appointment. And because he's such a trooper and I'm such a ditz, he drove allllll the way home (hour there and back) to get C's bag that I left. Strike two. Nurse hands me little cup to pee in. I peed, but not in the cup. Totally forgot. Strike 3. Little much TMI? probably so, but do you understand how hectic, confusing, and baffled my morning was. Totally on the absurd side of mornings.

all that to say, once we finally got to the Zoo with some friends, I was ready for a day of leisurely walking, animal stalking, and roasting in the sun. And our afternoon was just that. C was not at all impressed by the animals, for him the concrete walls were where it's at. Everyone in Memphis had the same idea (read it was packed out of the wazzoo) but the weather was sublime.

between our crawfish boil -see last post- and the zoo, this weekend was kind of a hit. You know it was a good weekend when you ankles still ache on Tuesday. It's either that or this 30 day shred is about to take its toll on me. Seriously at age 23 I should be able to handle this. Reason 1.344354543billion I'm glad I'm having my kiddos young. I'm rambling and not even too sure what I'm talking about now. Is this a post about the zoo, my forgetful brain, or my poor pathetic ankles. I'll just chalk this post up to "i'm not really sure what to say so just look at the pretty zoo pictures and move on:)"kinda feeling I'm in.

peace out lovelies. Enjoy your Wednesday.


Alyssa said...

You are brave for going to the zoo this weekend!!! But from these pictures, you'd never know how packed I'm sure it was :)

You have such a cute little family!

Jess said...

Lol, that's ok.. those kind of posts happen sometimes :) Sounds like a lot of fun (after your morning of course! :))
You guys have the cutest little family!