welcome to the porch.

 ^^my son is vampire.
 ^^one of my all time favs. All pics taken with iphone & edited with VSCOapp

it's currently 6 am as my fingers strike this keyboard. Don't go thinking I'm being all productive on purpose, I woke up at 4:30 this morning due to a panic attack and shortness of breath. I'll blame it on the thyroid & heart murmur. Nonetheless, since falling back asleep just wasn't working, editing & blogging it was.

yesterday we headed down to my MIL for dinner and some relaxation-that's exactly what happens when you get there. It's like stepping into a different time period or something. Like an alternate world where everyone lives in the woods, has screened in porches, drinks iced coffee, and does nothing but swing on the porch.  It's one of my absolute favorite places in the world. Yes, in the entire world. Living there for a year almost 2 years ago was one of my most favorite times in a way. By favorite I also mean challenging. I spent a lot of time on that porch trusting in Jesus and praying. I only lived there a year, but it seemed as if I had grown up there. Like my childhood years were spent swinging on the bench listening to the nature sounds. Every time we go, I miss it like crazy when we leave. Nostalgia, I guess.

Since sharing our big news, I've tried to start really soaking in and appreciating it being just us 3. After all, it is the only time in the history of us that it will be just us three. Pretty soon, we will have another sweet boy in our arms demanding kisses and giggles. As much as I can't wait for that day, I really want to slow down and seize this time of it being me, him, and him. C has fallen in love with that screened in porch. Honest to goodness he becomes a different baby when we start swinging. He gets real calm, lays back on my chest, grabs my hand, and watches the trees swoosh by. For the sake of bringing calmness into our lives, we are going to have to get a porch... you hear that hun?:) Last night was one that will go down in memory. I'll look back years down the road and grin at the memory of that once little boy laying so somberly on my chest.

country living and porch swings, you have my heart.

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Cara Howard said...

AH so jealous of your porch swing! Also those beautiful gummy grins. Baby fever is rising DAILY. xo

bandofbrothers said...

that porch is rad!!!!

Trish Harden said...

Oh those pictures look so lovely and relaxing.... Love them!

Erica {let why lead} said...

The transition to adding another child is a beautiful thing! I can relate to your nostalgia about it, though. Change, no matter how great, makes you reflect.

And hello GORGEOUS pictures!