a tale from C

sup big human babies. the name is C, or stinker butt, or sweet cheeks, or stinker, I'm not really sure which one because my mother calls me those all the time. Is she okay? She makes constant weird faces at me, does strange things with her fingers in front of my face, tries to kill me with tickles, and kisses my cheeks till they are chapped. Annnnddd she doesn't understand the need to put everything in my mouth. Until you've tried it, don't knock it people.

a few days ago that silly woman gave me homemade purred bananas. Let's talk about something. Whole bananas are the bees to my little chubby knees. For real. They good. But, she had to go and get all pureed on them.
at first I thought... bananas? I'm down with that.

then I put that junk in my mouth.
go right now and make you some pureed bananas. Go. you'll understand. that lady, I think she needs a spanking for the things she puts me through. Like diaper changes- my personal hell.

sometimes though, she redeems herself. obviously I was not about to consume that nasty banana concoction so the braud let me play in them. in my clothes. with my hands. 

#shewins. I'll keep her, I think. I mean... her tickles are pretty fun, her silly faces pretty hilarious, and she lets me play with wipes during diaper changes.... so, that counts for something.

Lesson to be learned, never puree bananas.

-C, stinker butt, sweet cheeks out.

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Cassie Marshall said...

hahahaa awesome

Alyssa said...

haha this is cute :)

Cara Howard said...

Oh my gosh this is SUCH a sweet post. Also the pictures - your son is TO DIE FOR!!!

Anna D Kart said...

He's so adorable! And makes the cutest different faces... Growing fast your little boy!