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My sweet friend, Allison, recently opened up a vintage earring shop, Burdees. She sells, obviously, vintage earrings. Let me just say a few things:

1. I never wear earrings. Unless I'm going on a fancy date or to a wedding (and most times not even then) earrings aren't coming along. Not sure why... most times I feel to gaudy in them. Also, I happen to have elf ears. It's true. Once in middle school, a teacher pointed to me and said "you will be PERFECT to play the christmas elf. Just look at those ears". True true story.

... so with that being said, I was a little hesitant when she first emailed me about her new shop, then I went and stalked her Etsy. I QUICKLY fell in love with all her options. When I do wear earrings, they are mostly always studs. Her shop is only studs... sooooo basically it was elf ear heaven.

2. There is some type of black hole in my jewelry drawer where earring backs and bobby pins fall deep into the abyss. If I had a dollar for every time I lost one of those little suckers, I'd be supa rich. So when I opened her ever so precious wrapping to discover TWO options for earring backs, I literally did a little jig. It's like she knew about my black hole and punched it in the face.

3. I love wood. Let's be honest... who doesn't? So I had to immediately pick her black wooden studs for myself. These little guys haven't left my ears since. Honest. I went from a non-wearing earring elf eared gal to a who cares about the elf ears look at my sweet vintage earrings gal. That's a big improvement.

My other favorites in her shop:

She has so many more options, and she is constantly updating her shop. She's been sweet enough to let me giveaway a pair! Your choice! These are the PERFECT gift for birthdays (cough cough husband if your reading this my birthday is next month reeeememmmber??) or bridesmaids gift. They are about the price of earrings from Target but SOOOOO much cuter. I'm already planning to order a few pairs for sweet "just because" gifts for a few dear friends;)

Check out her site & Enter to win a pair of her $6 earrings below!!! Winner picked Friday!

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Heather Leigh said...

AH Love those earrings!!! :)
If your not busy tomorrow come join in for a 2nd Link up I'm hosting called "Mommy 5" You're most welcome. :)

Brittany said...

I never ever go without earrings. I sleep in them, shower, gym, swim, etc. Its like underwear. I'm naked without them!