gummy bears and thoughts on slowing down

 ^^listen to this. Those tropical mini gummy bears up there are very hard to come by. Meaning, I can only find them at one place around my parts : The yogurt place. So in order to have them, I have to get yogurt. It's a hard life, right?

life lately has been absurdly busy. Like too busy for my own good. I'm slowly starting to even forget that day time exists. I live for sleep. Wake up, run around a million times, head back on pillow. That pretty much sums up our days around here. Being gone on vacation for 2 weeks straight was lovely and all, but I can't get back into our day to day routine to save my life... and the rest of this week will be just as much insane as the last few. I haven't even seen anyone outside my family in weeks. I miss my friends!

Don't misunderstand all that talk up for complaining. I'm super thankful, just also super tired. Husband isn't going to be around the next few days. So it's just me and C and all our crazy scheduling and events coming up! We are taking them head on with our best game faces on while secretly on the inside I'm squirming for some down time like nobodies business. Where are the days of staying in pjs all day and at home just cleaning and what not?? Come back.

Last night I was craving just a few minutes of good relaxation and those darn mini tropical gummy bears, so I convinced husband to take us for yogurt. He caved and off we went. Somehow we managed to pass TWO other yogurt places on our way to Gracie Bleu. Yes, we have three yogurt places on the road we live on. Why is MS the fattest state you ask? I have no clue. Anyways, there we were, yogurt in one hand, puffs for C in the other, and a million cars whizzing by for C to gaze at. This kid thought we were in Disney World or something. It was quiet. It was calm. We were thankful.

In the next few days alone I have two newborn sessions, lots of editing, get my dining room table delivered, a bridal shower, a possible zoo or splash park visit, and craft making for a friends wedding to finish... all while training for a marathon, doing insanity, and taking care of C by myself. When next Monday arrives I'm going to the pool and not leaving until my skin has burnt off from falling asleep on that layout chair for hours.

Reminding myself to stay thankful that the Lord is being so faithful in so many areas of my life despite how crazy things are right now. He is just so good. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got an hour before C wakes from his nap to clean the house and get ready for our day. Let's do this.

This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it : Psalm 118:34

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Nicole said...

You can make it, friend!!