I think I'll share...

one. I leave drawers open on my dresser and bathroom cabinets. all. the time. It's husbands biggest pet peeve of mine. 

two. Sunday mornings are very hard for me. It's like satan knows I'm getting ready to go worship Jesus and he reminds me of all the sin around me. 

three. waking up to C's morning babble is one of the happiest times of my day. 

four. I would eat sauteed veggies at every meal.

five. sometimes I think I could go vegetarian or vegan (my breakfast and lunches usually are), but then I remember crack dip or tilapia or cheese pizza and I just can't.

six. I am most proud to be my father's daughter, C's momma, and Husband's wife.

seven. I loathe when plans change last minute. I quickly become an 80 year old woman who demands things stay the way I planned. I'm working on it.

eight. I'd do just about anything for chick fil a ice dream cone. have you had one... they are sincerely delectable.

nine. I truly 100% believe there is no man more perfect for me than Husband. I don't believe in soulmates or "the one", but this guy... I just can't imagine there being another man out there greater than he.

ten. my heart hurts. no breaks. for those in my life who don't trust in Jesus. I can't wrap my mind around why you wouldn't want to surrender your life to him. It's the greatest joy and freedom ever experienced. ever. 

eleven. children are a blessing. since having C, I can't calculate in my head why you wouldn't want a quiver full. My heart breaks for couples who don't desire them or understand the blessing that they are.

twelve. I'm finally going to be able to cross something else off my bucket list (ya know, besides marriage, babies, adoption, and going to Africa) I'll talk more about it later, but needless to say I'm both terrified and excited!!

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Jessica said...

I'm with you on a lot of these, especially number 7. And I'm working on it too. But gosh, why do plans have to change?! And number five too, until I have to give up the cheese.

Cassie Marshall said...

Haha! We are SO similar, too funny!

Leah said...

same here with number five. breakfast and lunch consist of fruit and veggies. dinner most of the time has cheese, and other non vegetarian items. oops.

Heather Leigh said...

Same here. I think I could be a veggie junkie but than I think of Cheeseburgers and I'm done!

I so agree with you on Children are a blessing. It makes my heart hurt for those who don't think the same. This generation makes children look more like an obligation than a blessing. It's horrible.

Cara Howard said...

So go Sunday mornings for me as well. He loves to attack us as we are getting ready to worship and learn about Jesus. xo

Laura said...

My husband leaves drawers and cabinet doors open all the time!! Drives me nuts! :)

And yes to #7. Me too. Old Grandma.

Kendra Castillo said...

Such a cute post! I love the honest and how you love to control... I know this all to well :)

Kendra @ openspaces

Rachel said...

In some marriage book I was reading, there was a story of a wife who had a habit of leaving drawers and cupboards open all the time and a husband who was annoyed by that all the time. If I remember correctly, the moral to the story was that the husband decided to stop being annoyed and they lived happily every after. :P Sorry, your characteristic reminded me so much of that scenario.