last week, we kept a secret

 ^^we went on vacation last week. We kept it under wraps on this here blog for privacy sake. If you follow me on instagram or twitter than you probably noticed my absence. or probably not considering I don't think, at least I hope, anyone stalks me that closely.
 ^^our lodge at night. So serene.
 ^^This is where C spent the entire week. && don't be confused by that serious face. 
he was in h e a v e n. outside, stroller walks, hundreds of kids to stare at. a baby's delight.
 ^^i quickly learned packing toys was a fail. Why when you can have kroger bags and plastic cups?

it was more of a vacation for me and C than it was for husband. He preached 8 sermons total that week to the high school youth. When my childhood church asked Josh to come and preach for the youth camp, he quickly said yes. The last time I was at this camp was when I was a middle schooler. It was like walking back in time except this time around I had a baby on my hip and a husband holding my hand. If you would have told me back then that I would one day come back with my little boy instead of living in some remote cabin with my crush Jonathan Pickle, I woulda called you a liar.  Oh middle school. Pretty glad things turned out way differently than I imagined back then. No offense to you JP if you're reading this:)

Where was I? Oh yeah, camp. It was pretty darn amazing. First off, there was ZERO cell service pretty much everywhere you went. Upon arriving, I was somewhat bummed thinking what in the world am I going to do while C naps. Wander aimlessly??? And that I did friends. That I did. Every morning I was up at 6:30 (thanks to sleeping in the same room with my noisy sleeping little boy) so, I decided to make the most of it and run. More on that later. While C would nap, husband and I walked around the grounds or played cards. Something we haven't done together in ages but used to fill up all our free time back in our dating days. When he went down at night, instead of watching TV or pinterest hunting, husband and I went to camp fires or the "camp store" and filled up on so much junk food my running was pretty much for nothing. Oh and I have to discuss that I'm pretty much boss at dodgeball. We played counselors verses youth one night and I was the last man standing. I hit a kid in the feet for the win. My strategy? Standing almost on the sidelines pretending I was out and then nailing kids. Dirty? probably so, but I don't play when it comes to competition.

The days ran together hints a random sort of pictures above. Last week was exactly what I needed. A week away. A week soaking in time with my boys and the Lord. A week disconnected from the world. I stayed up the last night until 1am with a sweet girl talking about loved ones in our lives who aren't seeking the Lord. How heart breaking, frustrating, and hopeless our praying can seem sometimes. We pray the same thing over and over and over and beg for the Lord to answer quickly. Sometimes, he doesn't. It doesn't mean he doesn't hear. It doesn't mean the answer is no. It just means it's not time yet and that we need to have grace and patience in the mean time.

"When darkness seems to hide His face 
I rest on His unchanging Grace
in every high and stormy gale
His anchor holds within the veil
His anchor holds within the veil"

Thank you Kirby for inviting us along & for such a wonderful week despite disgusting camp food:) I needed last week more than I realized.

That outfit up there^^^ my new summer uniform. I cut a pair of skinny jeans 16 inches down and rolled up twice. I plan to live in those shorts and by that I literally mean wear them e v e r y d a y. I'm not a fan of short shorts or the shorts that are high waisted. Just don't think they are very modest or flattering for that matter but that's just me. As a wife and mom modest is hottest for this gal. I always want to show my children that our bodies are temples. That doesn't mean we can't dress trendy or cute but it does mean that we need to guard our bodies and others minds or thoughts if possible. Okay... I'm going way off course here. This is another post for another day. Peace. 


Brittany said...

That sounds soo wonderful. Love it. Also-that song is amazing.

Nicole said...

I love this SO MUCH. Like, everything about it. I feel like giving you a big hug. :) I'm so glad that you had a relaxing trip. Unplugging is good... and hard. I hope that you don't cry too much being away from C for a few days... soak up time with your husband, girl! You can do it. :) Let's plan another date soon!

Sarah Fit-ABulous said...

beautiful post and lovely pictures :)

Laura said...

I love your photos and stories of camp life. :) Sounds like a blast from the past, I totally loved summer camp and being a counselor. Cool conversation you got to have {PTL} and yay for figuring out what to do without Internet... ;)

Allison Rebecca said...

your blog is so inviting-especially this post! it makes me want to pull up a lawn chair and roast marshmallows and talk about our sweet littles-). following from the bloglovin' blog hop!

katie ridings said...

Sounds fun, and relaxing!!