that one time where I left C for 4 days & a video

^^Husband and I left C last week for 4 days. Sunday-Wednesday to head to Houston, TX for the Southern Baptist Convention. We go every year [last year]. If you're really bored here are all our posts from when it was in AZ and Husband and I road tripped out there. Only read after you read this post of course :) here, here, here, here, here.
^^we stayed in the Hyatt or really known as a space ship. 30 floors. 30.
^^headed home to C. we were so ready!
^^got him at last. never letting go.

Leaving C was hard. But don't get me wrong, I totally enjoyed our trip away. I wasn't as emotional when we left him as I thought I would be. A big part of that is because I knew he was going to be well taken of by my sisters. They l o v e C. Like really love him as their own and I knew he would be overly spoiled by all their attention and love. SO thankful for sisters. They are a blessing.

Part of me kept feeling guilty that I didn't miss him as much as I thought I would. Okay, rephrase. I rreeeeeeaaaallllyyy missed him. Like too much sometimes, but at the same time, I was really enjoying the break. Not having to think about diaper changes, nap times, and carrying around a diaper bag was a little bit freeing at times. Sure, I missed him extremely and I'm so thankful to get to do those things every day with him, but that small break was so refreshing. It helped me not take those small moments with him for granted.

When deciding to leave C, I was a wreck, but having time away with husband was more important. I know there are plenty of couples out there who have never left their children and whose marriages are flourishing and they are just fine never leaving them. And that's great, but we are not one of those couples. Yes, are marriage is flourishing, but we desparetly needed some time just us. I needed a few days to just focus on being his wife. He needed my undivided attention. We strongly believe that we have to put each other first, before C. Husband is my first priority, then my children. I want it to always be that way, it's biblical. So many couples switch those two out and it's very hard on their marriage. In order to help keep my priorities straight, this trip was needed. I'm so thankful for my time with just my love. I can't wait for our trip next year. Even though this trip was mainly filled with meetings and the convention and not very much "fun" stuff, we still had an absolute blast and so much fun.

We went with another couple who Josh and I really look up to. They have walked through a very hard part of our lives with us and have counseled us through it. I think it's so important and biblical to find a couple much older and wiser and invest in each others lives. There is so much for you to learn from them and vice versa. SO thankful this sweet couple makes time to do that with us.

okay, enough talk. Thanks again to my amazing seesters who kept C. He was an absolute dream baby for them and took all his naps despite cutting FOUR teeth the past two weeks. My child is about to have 6 teeth. what the what??

here's a short video of our trip! I'm gunna love having all these home videos one day.

music by: The Lone Bellows. We basically listened to them the entire trip. Check them out.


Nicole said...

You're cute. Like, so cute. I love your heart so much and I am so thankful for your biblical wisdom in my life. I NEED to hear about marriage from someone who is in a little deeper from me. I NEED to hear about how to keep Ty first when the babies come. SO thankful for you!

Courtney Kassner said...

Looks like fun! I'm sure I'll be needing to remember this advice once our baby is here in October. Glad you two had a getaway!

Heather Leigh said...

Aww, I'm glad you guys had a getaway for 4 days! I bet you guys were excited to see your little man after it all. :)

Heather Leigh said...

Love the video btw! I need to learn how to make them. Is there any kind of drive or website you use??

Anna D Kart said...

I'm glad you got a chance to get away! It's SOOOOO important to just be together and have fun without kids, because first came you two then the children. God intends it to be that way!
Thanks for being such a great example of a Godly couple


Sarah Hope said...

What a great time away with the hubby! You're wise to recognize the importance of quality time without the kiddos- I think we need that as a couple as well. And the Lone Bellow is my faaaaavorite! Zach, the lead singer, used to be the worship leader of a teeny tiny church plant I was a part of in NYC. Small world, huh? :)