the best 8 months

and just to show you real life, C was not into pictures this morning, see below.

 Oh my sweet little C,

you are getting to be not so little any more. This month was packed full with firsts. You've done so much growing. This past week you moved out of size 2 diapers and into size 3. You wear 6 month/6-9 month clothing. We tried to weigh you best we could at home, and you weighed around 17 pounds. You still take 2 naps a day for a total of 3.5-5 hours, and you sleep through the night...as always praise Jesus.

New things this past month:

-avocados are your new favorite. Mixed with a little milk&applesauce
-you can feed yourself puffs. before it was a little two hard bc they were so small
-you are CRAWLING!!!! 
-the day after you learned to crawl, you started pulling yourself up and standing up, you've done it several times since. My goodness.
-you can go from crawling to sitting to crawling again.
-you love to mimic noises we make. It's just the cutest.
-you've developed this new little made face where you put your tongue on the top of your mouth, scrunch your noise, and breath in. It's so cute, I can't handle it.
-you can wave bye-bye
-you love to crawl over Finn. He just lays there and you crawl over him back and forth. 
-you hate when we leave the room, but I'm thankful you still love to go and hang out with other people besides us.
-your little personality is showing so much more, your independent, sensitive, and such a chill little baby. You're a dream boat. 

I love you sweet little boy. These past 8 months have been the absolute best months of my life. Hands down. 

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Heather Leigh said...

He's is just the cutest!!! ;)

Jessica said...


Cara Howard said...

The sweetest most handsome bean EVER.