The recipe for a lasting marriage

You need one ingredient and one ingredient only : 1 giant scoop of a Godly husband.

By Godly husband I mean, one who fears the Lord.
One who walks with him daily.
One who loves the Lord more than his wife or children.
One who understands that he is the picture of Christ to his bride.
One who repents to Christ and to you and to your children.
One who pastors, protects, and provides for his family.

When you have a husband like that it's easier to submit to him.
It's easier to follow him.
It's easier to trust him.
It's easier to respect him.
It's easier to forgive him.
It's easier to love him.

Obviously he won't be perfect. And obviously you won't be either. But your marriage will last as long as he keeps doing those things and you keep submitting, respecting, and loving. Sometimes it will be hard, but it will be easier than most. Because marriage is a covenant. It's a symbol of Christ and his bride, the church. That's a covenant that can never, under any circumstances, be broken. So when your husband reflects Christ and you reflect the church, your covenant will last.

Happy Father's Day babe. It's a severely underrated holiday. Somehow we value Mother's day over it. But I know this... if you weren't all those things up there, I wouldn't be near the mother or wife that I am. So here's to what should be the most celebrated holiday of the year (you know, besides Easter and Christmas, let's not get crazy here): Father's Day.

Thank you babe for loving Jesus more than me, and being an incredible example to our C of what a Godly husband and father looks like. I'm forever grateful.
Oh, and to a man that first showed me what a Godly husband looks like. It's because of him that I knew what to look for in a husband. To which, I am also forever grateful. Happy Father's Day daddy. You were the man of my dreams, until Josh came along of course:)

If your husband doesn't reflect some of those things or maybe he doesn't even know the Lord, your best tool is prayer. Pray for him. Continue to submit, love, and respect him. Let him see Christ in you. You can not change your husband, but the Lord can. Give him over to the Lord daily. Christ will honor it.

I could go on and on about marriage, thankfully I don't have to because of this. Check it out each week for more and more messages on a Gospeled marriage. I'm not kidding, you neeeeed to listen to them. INCREDIBLE stuff.


Nicole said...

Amen. I am going to start listening to those sermons! I'm so thankful for how you encourage me to a gospel centered wife!

Cara Howard said...

Amen amen amen amen amen! and OMG the picture of C rubbing his eyes and cuddling into Daddy - WAY TOO CUTE!!!

Kalyn Randolph said...

Wonderful, wonderful encouragement! I love this post!

Cassie said...

Oh my goodness... so sweet! :) I found your blog, thanks to Bloom! I'm also sponsoring over there this month and I'm glad I found you there as well!

Brittany said...

Thanks for the sweet advice. I just got engaged and am soaking up all this wisdom from you ladies who have some experience under your belts. <3

Always Abby said...

LOVE this post!! It's wonderful to have a Godly husband. =)

katie ridings said...

this is beautiful!