a few things I'm proud of && some photography tips. Yes, it's random.

1. my boy. He's just about the best there ever was. Besides the husband, ya know. Today, he turns 9 months. I'm waiting to do his 9 month post until we go to the doctor next week. If I tried to even write out how happy these past nine months with him have been, you probably would stop reading my blog considering it would take about 10 posts to get it all out. I'm pretty proud of all this little boy has accomplished and grown.

2. my tan. seriously. I know it seems silly but can you see it? This girl be dark. I owe it all to my CVS tanning lotion. Let's get real here... ain't nobody got time (or money) for a 50dolla bottle of tanning lotion at tan salons. Seriously... that's a week worth of groceries around my parts no joke. So CVS saved the day with an 8 buck bottle. Some ghetto brand called T2Max. That stuff don't play.

3. my sisters. Today, we ran. I've mentioned before that we are training for a half marathon. Well today we had to run for 8 minutes straight... TWICE. You may be laughing to yourself right about now thinking "8 minutes straight doesn't seem that long you wimps". To which I would reply, "go outside a run for 8 minutes straight twice and when you call me to scoop you off the pavement I'll gently remind you that it is in fact TORTURE". So, today... we all ran it. WITHOUT stopping. all three of us. I'm so proud of how motivated they are and how encouraging they are to me. I couldn't ask for better sisters. They are my best friends.

ohh, and as random as this little bit of info is about to be, I'll share anyways...I'm blogging over here today sharing beginner photography tips. Some of which I don't even follow all the time. So that's that. I know I'm not super pro, but I'm sharing what's made the biggest impact for me. Go check it out!


Christen said...

Yay!! Love this post :) and the pictures of C are of course, adorable! We did the two 8 minute runs yesterday too! And let me just tell you, beforehand I really thought I wouldn't be able to, but I kept thinking about what we are all trying to accomplish and that you guys were doing it too and I just kept right on going...TOUGH but yay we did it!! And the tan thing...I cancelled my tanning when Andrew and I got married because I agree...ain't nobody got time or money for that...and I have grown to LOVE tan in a bottle! So much cheaper, works just as well, and definitely faster! Summer tan success! Hmm...we should be friends :) haha Love you dear!

anna lizbeth said...

love this post and beautiful photos, as always :)

Nicole said...

I CANNOT believe how light C's hair is!! The pictures you used on the other post (which is so good!) really shocked me!! Where did that gorgeous light hair come from!?

Lisette H said...

If I knew you needed tanning lotion I could've sent you some that my husband bought thinking it was SUNSCREEN! Poor thing bought it and used it a year ago without telling me. Needless to say he got sunburned! Thanks for your guest post! It's awesome!

Caitlin Wells said...

Is that sunless tanning lotion or does it only work if you go in the sun or a tanning bed??