double giveaway up in the sky, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Y'all have seen that video I'm referencing in my title right?? the one about double rainbows. Google that mess, it's hilarious.

Anyways... today I've got T-W-O giveaways for ya. Whoop diddly yeah! One winner, Two Prizes. Score for you!

First up...

I wore this outfit to Target and TJ Maxx the other day and scored one heck of a deal on a basket planter for my indoor tree. Thank you TJ Maxx, you just made my day. Oh, and I didn't see a soul... isn't that what always happens when I finally look presentable. Days when I'm in sweats... I see everyone and their mom. true story. 
 shirt: husbands / army green pants: Gap / wedges: Target from seasons past / necklace: c/o Of Dwelling and Dress 

^^^You can win that necklace up there from the lovely sisters of Of Dwelling and Dress. I have a weird thing for sibling blogs, as in, I'm kinda in love with them. I know these girls personally from years past so once they started a blog, I got super happy. Annnd once they contacted me about sponsoring, I got even more super happy. Yes, it's possible to be more super happy. You MUST MUST MUST check out their blog. It's one to follow fo sho!

Last but not least around here is a sweet blog design given away by Discovering Janae. I have a few friends, and maybe even some of you readers out there who just started a blog and need some help setting one up, or maybe you haven't set up a blog bc of fear of the internet... this giveaway is for you. This girl will hook you up with a free blog design. I mean come on, it's free.

 What's that you say... you already have a blog design you like and don't want a new one but you want to win that necklace if it's the last thing you do... well I will happily forward on your giveaway to a friend of your choosing if you happen to win:) It's all about compromise people.

&&& Just because I think he's a hunk even when he's mocking me.....
 thanks mister for taking those photos.

Enter the giveaway below! Some options can be done daily. Winner chosen Monday:)

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Chelsea Hannah said...

Your hair is SO fantastic.

Anonymous said...

This is honestly the best giveaway ever. I know NOTHING about blog design and that necklace is killer! Fingers crossed!


Courtney Ramsey said...

such a cute outfit! and your hair is adorable!

xo, Courtney

Judy Beltrez said...

you look gorgeous here! love how you are rocking that necklace! :)

Kimberly Bonham said...

Love your blog! New follower!