familiy beach pictures and the last of the vacation series... kind of

not going to lie, I'm a little devastated this is my last vacation post, well second to last if you count the video that's coming. Hooray for one last encore!!

I'm telling you right now that I've honestly never lived a better week than that vacation week. okay, maybe that's a bit of my dramatic side peeking through. I'm just trying to convey the awesomeness it beheld. A major part of the family was missing in the form of 1/3 of the triplets. He was missed more than he could even know.

However, we decided to make the best of it and that we did. On our last night there, the most important night of the year in my humble opinion, we took some quick pics and headed back down to the harbor walk for dinner to celebrate my 24th birthday.

 I still almost smell that salty, bitter air and the lingering aroma of hush puppies from the restaurants along the board walk. It's like fair food smells meet the ocean. Not a pleasing aroma to think of, but a whole different story when you actually experience it. I kind of loved it.
 ^^we ate dinner on the balcony of a local restaurant while watching the sun set and boats roll in past due. Some musician filled the background noise as we laughed and joked around over a meal. A normal thing if you know this crew.

And just in case I haven't showcased enough pictures of my family, here are just a few more.

{sister & brotherinlaw}

{oldest sister and brotherinlaw and kids}

{1/3 of  the triplet brothers & girl friend... and one day a future sisterinlaw if I get my way... hehe}
 {the twin brothers} yes, I have triplet brothers & twin brothers. 7 siblings total & I wouldn't wish it any other way
   {another other 1/3 of the triplet brothers}
 {the parents or affectionately known as Poppa & Lolli}

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go reread the other vacation posts here and here hoping that it will somehow open a black hole that will suck us all back into time to that week. time travel... seriously, why is that not a real thing yet?

Oh & winner of the giveaway announced here;)


Kristen Salmons said...

Found your blog about a month ago and I love it! Your posts about faith are inspiring and your baby boy is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Kristen :)


Alisha said...

So cute! These pictures are adorable!

Elle said...
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Kayla Jean said...

Beautiful photos!

Alyssa said...

You look SO happy in those pictures!! I love how in love you are with your cute little family!!
Found you from the blog hop! (: