Family Vacation Part II: the breakdown

Seeing as all the days last week pretty much run together into one big ball of FUNtastic times (sorry for the cheesiness), this post will be conducted as a breakdown of said FUNtastic times. Ready, go!

1. We ate out. Shocker. But eating out with 18 people must be documented. Most of it will be in the video. "Katie, did you say video. Like, as in, your making a home video of the vacation?????" Why yes, yes I did. Now hold your excitement. It will come next week. So all I have for you today are these 5 photos taken before we stuffed our faces full of seafood. enjoy. 
 ^^ and thats about 1/4 of the group.

2. We went to the busiest, crowdiest, nosiest, funniest place afterwards called The Track. No, you don't run there. Instead, you ride airplanes like the munchkins below or buy tickets to take them on go-karts only to be rained out by a massive storm and have to return the next night.
 ^^file this under "life made"

3. obviously beaching was done. duh.
 ^^ombre anyone?

4. I think it's written somewhere- "When thou goes on vacation, thou must shop and eat ice cream promptly" So we followed that rule.
 ^^pinky we didn't plan that.

5. Shrimp baby down there enjoyed his time at Big Kahuna's water park. The kid never wanted to get out of the water. I'll never understand a the pure hatred he had for the ocean after seeing him splash the day away at the water park. Make up your mind kid.

6. because this is just too sweet not to include. little momma. 

7. dad grew up with memories of beach trips and his father and days spent at the harbor walk gazing on the fisherman's loot from the long hours spent out at sea. Naturally, whatever my father wants to do, we all want to do.

That day ended with the prettiest of sunsets and a long night of playing Clue. Actually, every night ended that way, well that and hours in the hot tub, bickering over what movie to watch, or incredibly sucking at games like 25 words or less. Note to self: always be on husbands team.

to be continued...

oh & there may or may not be a giveaway tomorrow:) get ready!


Tamara @ The Workout Mama said...

Oh my word! The lifejacket picture is too much! I love it! Needs to be on a greeting card because it is so cute!

Christen said...

LOVE all of the pictures, friend! Jack and Jovie look way too big and Canaan's little squished up face in that lifejacket is precious! SO glad you guys were able to go and that you had so much fun!!

EC said...

Hi! I came across your site through GFC blog hope. I love looking at your beautiful photos! You have a lovely family! :)

Jess Elyse said...

I've come to the conclusion that everyone in your family is gorgeous! Wow!

Also, are you at Gulf Shores?? I have spent many fun times at The Track and the Putt-Putt Golf place across the street! :)