happpy birthday to meeeeeee list.

I know you have all been SOOOOOO worried about what to get me for my birthday next week. cough cough July 19th cough cough. So, I compiled a list of a few things that I wouldn't hate getting:)

1. A new iphone case. Mine is just a plain otter box but I'd love one to alternate that has some pizzazz. Life is better with pizzazz sometimes.  This one and This one and This one are lovely.

2. Old School pull down map. neeeeed it. Seriously, I really will for homeschooling one day.. until then, I want it for something else:) I like this one and this one.

3. An Indoor Tree planter. I need a basket or huge terracotta planter for my indoor tree. That is, if it doesn't die on me soon. Regardless, I still need one... I like this one and this one and this one and this one.

4. Washi tape. One roll, five rolls, twenty rolls. Any color, Any width. Any pattern Please and thank you! This girl doesn't even own one:(

5. These are just the cutest indoor terrariums. LOVEE THEM!

6. This bar stool is at Target. You get two bar stools for $99. One of my dear friends saw them on sale at Gordmans. She called me, I ran up there, I got two bar stools for $40. Came home, sold my existing ones for $30. BOOOM! They cost me only $10. Take that Target!!! Now to spray paint my gray pair a fun color!

7. Air Plants. I would like about 12 of these please. Thank you kindly.

8. Macroons. Did you know I've never ever had a macroon? Kinda feel like I'm not a true blogger or a fancy person if I've never had one. Anyone else fill that way? Anyways, after reading and seeing so much rave about these little guys, I'd love to try one. You can order me some online here. or anywhere else you find them cheaper. Better have gold inside. Those jokers are expensive.

9. Target gift card. Duh.

Also on my list.... this chunky K letter, a mid century modern buffet, new running shoes (sisters literally just texted and said they are buying me some WHOOP), and maybe some Gold triangle earrings from Burdees (can only buy through instagram or FB).

There you go friends. Do with that list what you will:) Birthday is NEXT FRIDAY. I'll be celebrating at the beeeaccch! Holla.


{Jessica} said...

I was watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix, and the girl in it bought her dad a whole box of macroons from France. I immediately wanted to try one! They are so pretty - wonder if they taste as yummy as they look? Happy early birthday!:)

Meet the Magnolias said...

Mississippi doesn't seem to have a lot to offer me in the way of macarons, but I FINALLY got to try some in New Orleans at Sucre. SO amazing. Look it up!

Happy birth month!

Jessica at Meet the Magnolias
Twitter/Insta @jesstinybird

Whitney said...

I find it deeply saddening that you don't own washi tape. GIRL, YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE! lol

bandofbrothers said...

happy birthday!

i've been needing a pull down map for a while.

Hima Rajana said...

I've never tried a macaron either- It's totally on my food bucket list- yes, I have one. That iPhone case is gorgeous!

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts