I did a hair tutorial video and I apologize for it's weirdness

This MUST be prefaced:

-I don't do videos. I'm just awkward.
-Some friends and fellow bloggers have asked me to do some tutorials for how I get this look, I call it a beach wave:

-I'm also showing you a new "boho" wave that my hair girl recently taught me. It looks like this:

-This may just be the last video I ever do seeing as I never realized how redneck I sounded. I do apologize.

So here is the ridiculously long video. I'm no super pro at tutorials or shooting them or editing them so just take this for what it is- a crappy done, but easy tutorial.


Robin said...

I love your tutorial. Its REAL! I feel the same way whenever I film myself. Very helpful, gonna try it!

rachel said...

i don't even know how i ended up here...but i'm so glad i did! :)

LOVE this tutorial. my favorite part, "Oh mess, it's hot." haha you're so cute and funny! and i'm planning a shower today just so i can try this out!

i am SO excited to check out more of your posts and follow along!

Alyssa said...

This is EXACTLY how I do my hair!!!! I call the hippie wave "crinkle hair" haha because the smaller you make the back and forth movement the more crimped it looks.

I think of the movement as a more of a wrist movement which helps haha I guess the more you do it the easier it gets :)

When I don't want the wavy look I curl my hair with my straightening iron like you do :) :)

Anyways, we need to meet in real life!!! You are too cute :) anddd your accent is awesome!!!

emily said...

Thank you!! I am so happy you shared...love your hair!!!!

emily said...

Thank you!! I am so happy you shared...love your hair!!!!

Cara Howard said...

Your seriously THE CUTEST! Not redneck at all, so stop it. You should do MORE tutorials because your accent is so sweet to listen to and you're so helpful and encouraging. Definitely trying this soon!!!

bandofbrothers said...

you are stinkin hilarious. i love watching you talk and do your hair. very cute.

i'm fascinated by the dual technique of beach curl + hippie wave. and all with a straightener. impressive.

i will def be too klutzy to master that but I will try combining techniques.

thanks so much! you have the best hair!

Like an infinite fall said...

Finally, the secret of your beautiful hair! :) Thank you!

Trisha Rummage said...

Hahaha I am inanely awkward too so I feel ya, girl! cute and helpful tutorial :)

Anonymous said...

I tried this this morning and really like how it turned out! Of course it's totally different looking on my currently super short hair, but still - thanks for the video!

Kendra Castillo said...

I love this, so fun and I thought you addable! the "beachy" wave is what I do most days with my natural wave. I cant wait to try the "boho/hippy" wave. Love you blog!

Judy Beltrez said...

HAHA you are the cutest!!! i love these kind of tutorials. they are so real!
thanks for sharing your beachy waves with us