It's getting better and better: 9 months

 Sweet C,

You are 9 months old. On the way home from you 9 month appointment, I just drove in awe that you were actually 9 months old. Tears may or may not have formed. I just can't get over how quickly you are growing and how fast this is all flying by. I'm so incredibly thankful for each and every day I have with you. You bring so much joy. SO. much. joy.

You weighed 19.8 at you doctor's appointment and were 28.5 inches long. You are in size 3 diapers, and you mostly wear 9 month clothing. Although, there are still several 6 month clothes you fit into. You have been teething like a machine this past month but it hasn't really effected your naps (which you still take twice a day for 4-5 hours total) or night sleeping... so we are praising Jesus, obviously.

New things this month:

-you are pulling up on everything and walking around the coffee table or couch.
-you now have SEVEN teeth and I'm pretty sure your eighth is working its way up as we speak
-you are done with pureed food mostly
-you love green beans, blueberries, bananas, cooked & raw apples, cooked & raw carrots, squash, zucchini, cauliflower, avocados...really everything. You are a great eater!
-You are talking more and more which I really didn't think was possible.
-You love to beat on stuff and make things clang together
-You are working on clapping your hands but you not quite there yet...same with waving, sometimes you will, most times you won't
-you say mama, dada, nana and love to sigh really really big. It's adorable, but then again, so is everything you do.
-you love to swim and even go under the water really well. (don't even cry)
-you've gotten a little shy around people and tuck your head into my chest
-you stick out your arms to come to us... you started doing that last month but you do it alllll the time now. 

We love you so much sweet C. Slow down on that growing whydon'tcha?


The Missus said...

C is such a cutie!

How did you transition C from purees to normal food? Every time I try anything with texture for my 8 month old, she just gags on it. I'd love any advice to you may have!

Sarah said...

He's too cute!